Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunny Days!

Today was pretty uneventful though productive.

I was supposed to meet with one of my kids for a therapy session but his Mom canceled, so I made it a point to make today all about homework!  Of course I had to start the day with a workout.
Jason and I went to the gym, and started off with a little cardio.  I decided that instead of trying to go super speedy on the T.R., to try to slow it down but add some incline to make sure I still got a work out in.  I did 6.5 speed and went all the way up to 5.0 incline over the course of 25 minutes, finishing with 2.75 miles.  I went and joined Jay doing some weights. 
He had to leave for work, so I stayed and decided to try a little more running to see how my knee felt, because it did not bother me at all during the first run.  I did the same thing but inclined it faster, and finished 47 minutes, at a 6.5 speed, at one point going up to a 6.0 incline.  I think it was a little more than 5 miles at the end.  Boy was I a sweaty mess!  Ended with some stretching.. and foam rolling.

I went home and made a smoothie, with pineapple, soy milk, vanilla protein and frozen peaches.  Yummy. Also had an apple, yogurt with crumbled soy joy after showering.  Soy Joys aren't my favorite but my dad gave us a big bag of them so we have a ton.  Might as well use them.
I do have pictures but I am at a cafe doing homework right now.. so I don't have my cord to transfer them.
Now at a little coffee shop, just finishing up a mock FBA report for a school report (which I officially hate doing, but it might be a lot easier if the kid I did it on actually had problems rather than just doing it on a friend's little sister, who I had to make up problems for).  I had a yummmy cinnamon honey latte while sitting in a sunny window.  I wish that they had electrical plugs outside so I could have really enjoyed the beautiful weather.. 66 degrees!!  I love spring!

I managed to make an appointment for tomorrow afternoon with a chiropractor.  People repeatedly are telling me to see one to see if I have some structural problem that is causing all my knee/hip problems with running.  I am a little afraid.  When I was little, I saw a chiropractor and I would leave each appointment crying because he hurt my back so much. Jay went to see this chiropractor once after hurting his neck, and hasn't had any problems since so I am hopeful.  Also because maybe I won't have to go through with surgery and be able to run the marathon. Which by the way is in 2 weeks!!

I was planning to run the Nashville Country Marathon on April 30th.  So excited because they have so many concerts and musicians there.  I also planned to meet my sister who I haven't seen since Christmas.  She moved out to Oregon in September.  Her friends live in Knoxville and we are all going to meet up in Nashville.  I would be so sad if I wasn't able to run!

Ok will update this later with some pictures.  About to leave and meet up with Jay at home.  He wants to go find some live music to go to tonight.

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