Monday, May 30, 2011

Time to get back into the game!

I began this blog with the idea to keep my eating and exercise habits in check..
It began to decrease due to my increased stress with work and school.

Since my last post. I have completed my marathon.. 3:41! Very happy though a bit pissed that I was ONE MINUTE from qualifying for Boston!

I also completed another 1/2 marathon, a bit faster than my first one, BUT I did stop to use the bathroom and my friend and I went through an obstacle course.  I definatly was not feeling that 1/2.  The day before we had spent drinking, and eating.  My stomach was NOT happy!
My stomach is sensitive anyway.. :/ But it was fun overall.

Now I really have to get in check.. especially after a long weekend in Florida of not working out much.
I also have a bachelorette party this weekend but I am devoted to working out EVERY DAY I can.  Today it just did not happen.. but I am getting up early tomorrow and getting back to the grind!
Meaning.. bed time for me so I can get to the gym early before a long day of work!

I swear.. I will continue doing this.  I need to promise to myself to take control because I feel soo out of control, that I am just spinning and unable to stop the merry go round that I do not know what to do..
I need to be the one that is responsible and it is soo difficult at this point. But it is my goal. AND I will accomplish it!
Any pointers?  I find that my biggest obstacle at this point is motivation along with boredom.  Jay works at night sometimes and those are the days that I get bored, lonely, and keep eating and eating.....

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