Thursday, June 30, 2011


"Take time for less doing and more being"
-Ubaldo Riboni
Words of Enlightenment

Reminds me of the Lowe's Mantra!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Working through the night..

So this post is going to be short and sweet.

This Friday we are heading back to our home town (Jason and I grew up in the same town)
We are heading back for a high school friends birthday, as well as to see Jason's dad, my dog (who is at my dad's house, where a friend is taking care of him and living in the house :( while my dad is in the Peace Corp), and a friend of my family!

In attempt to get everything done, I am working through the night so I do not have much to do later this week...

Yes I was drinking wine while working and eating ice cream (I got two Bryers, but one get one free!  How could I say no?)
Today was pretty uneventful anyway.
Check out my workout log to see my workout!

I do have to say, I was extremely sore today and the run was a struggle!!

Jason grilled me mahi-mahi burgers with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and brie cheese, along with sweet potato fries! YUM! (i did take pictures but I am lacking energy after all that work, wine and ice cream)

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Whats your favorite kind of ice cream?
I always say mint chocolate chip because it is so repressing but lately I have also been liking dark cherry chocolate of any kind, soy, coconut, yogurt etc.  and of course CHOCOLATE.  Jason is a pistachio lover! 

Half way there...

This is how I am feeling today!  Anyone else need a pot of coffee to start off this hump day?
Gosh I am so sore today!!
Off to work!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting a little Psychological

Warning I am going to get a bit psychological!!

This is the result of reading Julie's post (which I must say was really good!!)
I had a little rant because I have so many experiences with kids and how they feel (or don't feel--kids with autism spectrum disorders or asbergers which will be seperate disorders in the new DSM-V) about their appearances. 

Since I have such a psychological background, it is common that during adolescence, you are more egocentric and feel that the whole world sort of revolves around you. Everyone is judging you (that is your belief system, so you want to be liked, meaning cool clothes, looking good, and being accepted by the popular kids.  There are many theories on adolescence.. Here is one that helps explain this. (remember, it is only a theory, therefore it is not proven)!!!!

Erikson's stage's of Development 
Adolescence: 12 to 18 Years 
**(as cited from one of my textbooks, Theories of Personality 9th Ed, Schultz & Schultz, 2009)
Ego Development Outcome: Identity vs. Role Confusion
Basic Strengths: Devotion and Fidelity
Up to this stage, according to Erikson, development mostly depends upon what is done to us. From here on out, development depends primarily upon what we do. And while adolescence is a stage at which we are neither a child nor an adult, life is definitely getting more complex as we attempt to find our own identity, struggle with social interactions, and grapple with moral issues.
Our task is to discover who we are as individuals separate from our family of origin and as members of a wider society. Unfortunately for those around us, in this process many of us go into a period of withdrawing from responsibilities, which Erikson called a "moratorium." And if we are unsuccessful in navigating this stage, we will experience role confusion and upheaval.
A significant task for us is to establish a philosophy of life and in this process we tend to think in terms of ideals, which are conflict free, rather than reality, which is not. The problem is that we don't have much experience and find it easy to substitute ideals for experience. However, we can also develop strong devotion to friends and causes.
It is no surprise that our most significant relationships are with peer groups.

Hope this helps to understand what is really going on during adolescence!  It is also important to remember that social media and parenting play a huge role in how children and adolescence feel about themselves.  Fostering a positive self image and remembering to praise, PRAISE, PRAISE kids for their achievements, and trying not to focus so much on appearances helps.  Also being actively involved in their lives (but not smothering and restricting kids)!  BALANCE IS KEY (just like eating habits & exercise!!!!)  

Like Julie stated, its also just a stage that most kids go through, and at some point you feel more appreciative of the compliments that focus on your accomplishments/personality rather than appearances.  Really I could go on and on about this..But I am going to stop.  If you have questions please email me (!

Now that I got that off my chest.... phew.
After work,  I headed to the gym.  The clouds were about to burst as I was on my way and the humidity was super duper high!!

Let me say,  I am so glad that I didn't do that spin class last night!  My legs felt so good (though my abs and upper body were super sore!)
I did a little over 4 mile on the treadmill in 34 minutes.  A slower pace but I was increasing the incline while remaining at the same speed (7.2), reaching about 4.0.  Incline is killer and really burns!

I would have done more but one of the new trainers at the gym asked me earlier if he could practice doing an assessment on me for training purposes.  I am always up to help. 

He just had me do some stretches, squats, pushups etc.  The main purpose was for him to learn how to communicate what he wanted me to do.  He also told me that it was evident that my IT Band was sore as well as my lats and tricips (YESS so true)  But he told me at the end that he failed his little test because he was not able to communicate correctly what he wanted me to do.  He asked if later on I would do it again so he could see how far he had advanced.
I did some stretches and abs and then...
Did some intervals between the treadmill and stair climber (similar to last week).
  •  half a mile on treadmill, 5 minutes on stair climber.. x 4 times (about, since I kept switching between the two by the time the 4th round came up, all the stair climbers were taken so I didn't do the last one)
 The first half mile and last were slower.. but the two middle ones I did in 3:30 (about 9.0 pace! AHH!  Very tough, and I was dying!)  I am growing to love doing sprints more and more!!!  Definitely feel it afterwords!!  

I also have to admit my competitive edge came out a bit.  A guy hopped on the treadmill next to me, and although I was not planning to sprint the last half miler very fast I increased the speed to 9.2 (i think) just for fun.  Can you tell I really like to race people!!??  I always do this at the gym.. I HATE when other people go faster or farther than me... it really is a downfall because I will push myself to hard.  I am working on it I swear!!

Major stretches and abs after.
The trainer bought me a shake for helping him out.  Though I wasn't in the mood for one.. I took him up and got a matcha green tea smoothie! MM.. tasted like a milkshake!  I drank some and put the rest in the freezer...  Sometimes my stomach can't handle too much after a tough run!


Are you competitive with others at the gym or when you are running near others?

When you were younger did you feel self concious about appearances or that you were judged?
yes, i always did.  I had curly hair when a lot of other people didn't.  I didn't always have the cool clothes.  I was soo self concious and always wanted to fit in.

Anything else?


I am back into it.. partially.

Instead of heading off to the gym or a run this am, I decided to do P90X Back and Biceps.

It was a perfect start to a day, other than a run...
I definitely felt the burn, and remembered why Tony was so annoying but I don't care.
He makes me sweat and I generally don't sweat when I do strength training.  I love when others push me, like in classes because I don't push myself until I burn when I am on my own!  Definitely helps me a lot (I have noticed that I say definitely a lot!)

I do like P90X and even like some of the cardio, but generally just do the strength training aspect of P90X.  I have to say the X Stretch is $$$$!  I did it at one point when i was training for my marathon after a long run, and I felt wonderful the next day!!! If you have P90X.. DO IT!!  It is AWESOME!

Made a banana/coconut smoothie this morning , very simple, just banana, coconut, flax seeds, ice, & water.  Also had an apple and a handful of nuts.

Heading off to a meeting in a bit, and to meet with a client.
Then off for a run!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just added!

I just added a new workout log so I can look back at my work outs to see what I have done each week!
I think it will keep me not only accountable but give me something to look back on and be proud of what I have accomplished each day, each week, and decrease the negative emotions/attacks against myself!


Let me finish off my last post..

My work out this am was a little more 4 miles in 32 minutes (finishing off strong with a minute sprint at 9.0)
Then 20-20-20 class! Which was KILLLLER!  We did a sprint across the gym two times, which I love because it bring out my competitive edge.. the last person had to do pushups, and I totallly kicked everyone else's ass.  Hahaha..
I also did 30 minutes on the stairclimber before finishing off with some additional stretches.

I tried something different for breakfast. A coffee smoothie.  We are running a bit low on frozen fruit..and I am trying to save a bit of money.. So I just used what I had.. Coffee, Ice, and Vanilla Protein Powder

yes, a Tupperware bowl.. don't judge!
Did some work before heading off to meet with a couple clients..

I decided against the spin class and instead did P90X Chest, Shoulders &Triceps. I have a bunch of stuff to do tonight and wanted to get it done..
I haven't done P90X in forever and remember when I did in last spring I was in AAAAmmmAAzing shape!!  It was tough!  I was sweating after the first set of push ups!!
half way through.. dripping!
Also did Ab Ripper X for a little extra!

Soo... Jay and I live in a kind of up and coming area.
the woman who lives next door to us is older and has lived here for 30 years.
We have not exactly gotten along too well and have gotten into a couple arguments about stupid things.  For example, she yelled at us for putting our garbage on her side of the side walk, past the line that seperates our property from her's.  She also yelled at us for not cleaning up garbage on Christmas Eve, as we were leaving to go to our family, as well as yelling at us for the roof repair man messing up her roof when he fixed ours.  We rent so our landlord is responsible for repairs and we do not even get involved in repairs.  As you can see, it is silly stuff and has resulted in a bad relationship between us.  We have tried to be nice and say hello yet she ignores us. 
Lately she has been a bit nicer.  She asked me to help her with a gate that was stuck in our backyard (which is connected).  Today she told me that I was beautiful, had beautiful legs, and told me she was bored because she doesn't have much to do and doesn't drive!
I headed out to go to the store and asked her if she needed anything, and she invited me in, and told me she was sorry for ever yelling at us, but she was this old lady that got angry sometimes and she did not know why.  I felt so bad.  I told her I understand and it happens to everyone, so she should not feel bad. 

I am so glad that is resolved and hope that we can have a good relationship in the future.  I hate having poor relationships with those around me.. especially if that means that things will suffer when you want to do things..

I think forgiveness is essential in life and it is not worth worrying over petty things in order for you to be happy.  Worrying causes you stress, causes you to loose sleep, affects your sleep, your looks, your weight, and your relationships.  IT IS NOT WORTH IT! (channeling Hungry Runner Girl's color changing type)!


Have you ever done P90X?  What do you think!?
I did it last spring, and was in the best shape ever. I was also running a ton and had sooo much endurance!! Kind of want to do it again!  Or atleast partially!

Have you ever gotten into an argument with a neighbor?  Or someone close that was over something silly?  

How does stress/worry affect you?
I really loose sleep when I am stressed.  I have trouble sleeping as it is anyway so it is not good!

2 a day!

Trying to get the motivation to do a spin class!  Already did a 20-20-20 class this am and a 4 mile run!

Anyone do 2 a days.. (after sports pre-season's)?  I used to hate/love 2 a days in college!

Will post more tonight but also have a bunch of work I am trying to get done & have to grab some supplies from Staples!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

sun burn city!!

whoa tan lines.

i obviously fell asleep.
we pretty much slept all day on the beach except when we went to grab lunch..
we barely moved. my step sister was hung over...i was tired. we jumped in the water-- we felt wonderful.. and then fell asleep. haha perfect rest day!!!

what do you do on your rest days?
depends whether i am home or not. wish all my rest days could be on the beach!

what do you do on the beach?
read, sleep, go in water, eat, drink, RELAX!.. maybe a walk or something to get moving! 

Rewind back to college...

I seriously felt horrible, tired, and lazy today..
After our wonderful breakfast Jason and I seriously lay on the couch and did not move.

He went off to get a shower and get ready for work, and surprised me by making a yummy smoothie for me and him!  It was pretty good with orange, raspberries, banana, and protein powder.  (Though not as good as mine!.. Needed to be a little thicker :) )

He left and I continued to lay on the couch..
I began watching Sex and The City 2,... again. And fell asleep.
This is seriously what I did in college when I was hung over..

I woke up..unmotivated and tired.
I had to make it to the gym.
I actually pretty much dragged myself there. Although it was perfect weather for a run.. There was NO way that I would make it.. probably be the person throwing up on the side of the street, and every one else looking at me like I am a pathetic mess (I was, but I don't want everyone else to see that!)

I started out with 5 minutes on a malfunctioning stairclimber.. obviously it did not last long!
I hate when machines don't work the way they are supposed to...
Although I was not completely up for running I gave it a short.
Definitely struggled..
I ended up doing 3.63 miles.
Back to stairclimber-- A working one... for 20 minutes
Decided to stretch it out before weights..
which was made up of..
  • chest press
  • elevated push ups
  • back
  • biceps
  • squats
  • lunges
Most of the time I don't really have a plan at the gym.. I just kind of go with whatever..
I probably should have more of a plan.. I just felt like today was going to be disastrous anyway.
I was moving slow/yawning.. feeling like I should just go home!
I decided to stretch a bit ... some more..
I got a little inspiration to run some more.. I always like ending my workouts with a little sweatiness!
Another run for 3.15 miles.. (I hate ending at weird this entire run ended up being 6.75 miles.. why didn't I just run another 1/4 of a mile and make it evenly numbered?!?)

Before heading home I decided to stop to clean my car in preparation for beach trip with my step sisters.  I have not really vacuumed my car once since I got in back in December!  I even found somethings I had been missing like a headband that was in my field hockey bag in the trunk, & jumper cables! ..and those came in handy when my car died because my battery is a little testy with me.
I don't like asking people to help me jump my car.. especially at a gas station where the crowd was a little iffy.  Jason was on his way home from work and stopped by to help. :) What a keeper!

After showering..we had planned to head into Olde City - a fun area of the city, where there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and historical sections, I mean we are in Philadelphia aka tons of history=tons of tourists in the summer-
There was a kick of for summer this weekend including a Taste of Philadelphia.. but traffic was horendous.  So many people were around in the city.. Philadelphia Tri was also this weekend, as well as a ton of concerts..
There was no parking ANYWHERE... we did not want to pay for parking especially since we were only going to stay for an hour or so, and $15 dollars is unjustifiable for that!!

We just grabbed some sandwiches and came home to watch a movie.. only lasting about an hr and 1/2 before crashing and going to bed.. Friday definitely did us in.. we are so old!!

Today is the beach!  Just a day trip, which was not the original plan but one of my step sisters couldn't get off of work one day.. so a day is better than nothing.  Thats the great thing about living so close to the shore. It is only about an hour drive!

What do you do when you are hung over..lay around all day or try to get moving somehow?
-for me it definitely depends on the kind of hangover..but I try to get moving as much as possible!

Do you go out and drink like you are in college ever?
-I am not a big drinker anymore.. a glass of wine once in a while, but I also have trouble digesting it.  I used to get patches of red all over and a doctor told me that I was probably missing the enzyme to digest alcohol, resulting in the redness which is called the Asian Flush (I am not Asian!)  Alcohol really affects me but I still will go out once in a while to drink with friend.  I am an old head.. and can't handle it like I used to...

Any recommendations that you can give me to make my blog better!?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eggs for Breakfast.

Lazy morning due to our late night rowdiness. 

Jason got into a little early morning cleaning.. cleaning the kitchen from head to toe.
I helped a bit by sweeping the living room a bit.

I thanked him by making him a little egg sandwich
His: Bagel thin, with 3 eggs, ham, salsa, and mini brie wheel (from TJ's)

Hers: bagel thin, with one egg & egg whites, salsa, spinach, goat cheese and salsa
It was yummy and a perfect hangover meal..

Laziness will take over today.. its beautiful out, but I am lacking energy.
I will make a point to do a work out at some point.. especially because tomorrow I am heading to the beach with my step-sisters!

Busy bee, sleepless nights.

Lately I have been busy..
moving from one thing to the next without a moment to stop and think.
I actually have been sleeping really well until last night..possibly due to alcohol??

I woke up early for the gym.
It looked a little threatening of thunderstorms and I didn't want to get stuck out in the rain/thunder/lightening...
My legs were tired from the spin class and sprints the previous day.. Something I did not notice until I was actually running.  I did a lot of switches from the treadmill to stair climber, and did a bit on the elliptical as well!
Strength training was made up of lunges with high knees, triceps  (overhead, on the bench, &  tricep kickbacks) along with mass of others things..
yummy breakfast, egg/egg whites, salsa, spinach, tomato's = happiness!

I had a couple of meetings that day.. and stuck in traffic - coming home completly exhausted.

Jason was home- but left to hang out with his little brother, and did not come home until later.
We headed out for some drinks and apps at a local place with outdoor seating.
I had been craving margarita's for a while and induldged in a pomegrante margarita.  We split some edamame, a mushroom flat bread, and Jason got some wings.

 Friday, I spent the morning doing work on the couch while Jason sent out some applications and emails.  I actually was on the phone most of the day with clients.. not what I had originally planned!!
We headed off to my office together so I could drop of some paperwork..
Got some lunch at Wegman's..
A serious salad plate-- My salad cost me $13 dollars.. the number 1 reason why I bring my own food during the work day!! ..I piled on beets, chickpeas, tomato's, cucumber, an egg, roasted asparagus, roasted carrots, as well as a black bean burger, and some cheese artichoke thing Jason wanted me to put in.  He got chinese..
We walked around a bit..venturing into Best Buy and Eastern Mountain Sports..where we drooled a little bit over the kayak's/canoes.. Would love to be able to do something like that this summer. Just cannot afford our own boat!
Before heading back home - we headed back to Wegman's and grabbed some craft beer.  They have an amazing selection of craft beers, local beer, & international beer.  I always tell Jason about it!  He was pretty impressed!

Driving home was tiring.  Jason got to experience what I go through when I get stuck in traffic!
Although I was tired and unmotivated..
I MADE myself go to the gym..
It was a quick work out since we had plans that evening.
All I did was run almost 7.5 miles and that was it. I tried to do some fast 1/4 miles by speeding up from 7.3 to 8.0 every other lap.  I finished off with a 9.0 sprint for the last minute..before heading home for a quick shower..
My college roommate was having a little get together for her birthday-- composed of chocolate covered pretzel shots...

1/3 part Pinicple Whip Vodka (Its whipped cream vodka)
2/3 part Franggelico
lick back of hand and salt hand.
Lick Salt and do shot....

..card games, some beer pong, snacks of veggies, hummus, chips, salsa, and guac.  I felt like I was back in college..and actually came home and passed out on the couch, waking up there at 5 am.  Usually that is something Jason does, not me.  After waking up and attempting to go back to sleep, unsuccessful, I am now watching girlie movies, and will probably try to sleep soon.  This is not going to be one of those early workout Saturday's as much as I wish it was!

Summer Reading.

Here are some great books that I read recently- because I have not had school and actually am able to read FUN books.  I have to tell you that I love reading.  Seriously.  When I was younger I would read ALL THE TIME!  I would read books in a day, not putting them down until I was finished!  I read long books during elementary school.  Some weeks I read 4-5 books in a week!  A real dork right here.. !  I still read books quickly..and love to read whenever I have a chance! Jason has also slowly become a book worm as time has gone on. We have a bookshelf filled with books for school-- for both of us, as well as books for pleasure.

Water For Elephants
I am sure most of you have heard of this book.
It is amazing.  A great story, with many diverse characters that make you want to keep reading without stopping. I love the story between the two characters, and the character view of the older man looking back onto his life in the circus.  It is heart wrenching at times to see the struggle of the old man in his current life..  Also a great love story between an animal and person.. Loved this book
I have not seen the movie, so I cannot compare the two- and am usually disappointed by books made into movies, but I do plan on seeing it..

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close 
The author Jonathon Safron Foer wrote Everything is Illuminated.
This is a great book.  I always love books revolving around kids, especially kids with disabilities.
This book is about a boy who recently had his father die in the September 11th attacks.
He has the strong belief that a key of his father will open some lock and goes around searching NYC for everyone with the last name Black.  Definitely a must read!!

The History of Love
I read this book last summer.. and could not put it down!
SO good.  Jason got it to me because I love the above book, and the author is married to Jonathon Safron Foer

** Review 

Nicole Krauss's The History of Love is a hauntingly beautiful novel about two characters whose lives are woven together in such complex ways that even after the last page is turned, the reader is left to wonder what really happened. In the hands of a less gifted writer, unraveling this tangled web could easily give way to complete chaos. However, under Krauss's watchful eye, these twists and turns only strengthen the impact of this enchanting book.  

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

A Must read running book.  This is a great story about the author, Haruki Murakami, and his journal on his training for the NYC Marathon.  I think I need to read this again because just looking at it, makes me interested in it.    He is an older man at this point with a love of running.  He actually ran the original marathon course at one point on his own, not during a marathon, just to do it!  If you want to read an inspiring book that displays the passion and love of running that is not only fun,  but also mind provoking.. this is it!

Little Bee

Initially I was not too interested in this book, but my sister got it and gave it to me after not being too into it.  After I began reading it..I really got into it!  This book revolves around a little girl and her experience after seeing a brutal event along with a couple.. and the impact of that event.. I do not want to give too much away.  But definitely recommend it!

A Dog's Purpose

If you liked Marley & Me, Read this!  Jason's mom gave this to me after reading it.

This is a story about the life (lives) of a dog and his thoughts of life, humans and his perspective on everything in our life.  Its humorous and heart wrenching.  It made me think about what animals really think about us and what we do.  As the story goes on, the dog finds out why he really is on this earth, and his purpose- hence the title- in life.

Breaking Night

**Made to Lifetime Movie!! Haha!  Makes this a MUST read of course!

Liz Murray is a woman who grew up in a house of drug use, and poverty.  She soon leaves her family during her adolescence and becomes homeless!  She struggles with friends, love, school, and life in general.   This is the story of her going from a life of struggles on the street to the academic life, and eventually to Harvard.  This is not a book that I would usually pick off the shelf but decided to pick something a little different this time.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A success!.. Sort of!

So after my unhappy, unsuccessful morning..
I went to work..(long and sweaty drive..)

I stopped at Wegman's.. a go to place for me, for bathrooms and to fill up my water bottle.  I sat for about 40 minutes, finishing some paperwork before my next client..

RIGHT BEFORE I went out to my car..  I mean minutes...
Complete down pour...I MEAN COMPLETE.

I had to go,.. and of course I did not bring an umbrella in with me because it was sunny when I went in!!
I sprinted to my car.. only a little wet!-->success!

Traffic on the way home... a problem with drinking water is having to pee all the time--> NOT good when you have to drive everywhere, get stuck in traffic, and no public bathrooms ANYWHERE.. seriously!  This happens to me EVERY DAY and EVERYDAY I sprint into my house, don't say anything to anyone, and sprint up to the bathroom, barely making it to the bathroom..
Off to the Gym..
After sprinting 1/4 of a lap in less than 2 minutes...
I decided to go to a spin class.. haven't been to a spin class for 2 years! It was pretty intense and fun!
All the spin classes that I used to go to lights were on and we saw our selves in the mirror.. this time black light!!!
After I stretched out, did some abs..
1/4 lap in about 2 minutes
5 minutes stair climber
..repeated 3-4 more times.. I lost count!!!


just finished up some work...
watching TV.
Bed very soon!

Epic Fail

...morning work out..

luckily I have time after work..

(another epic fail- cannot upload pictures...)

Hopefully the remainder of the day improves!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Veggie Love.

Is it weird that I seriously love veggies.?
I mean, I don't think I could go ONE day without eating them, and when I do.. I am very sad.
Thankfully this is a rare event.

I LOVE veggies.. so much that Jay says I am going to turn into a veggie one day...

Favorite Veggies: (if I have to choose...)
  • eggplant
  • brussel sprouts
  • lima beans
  • carrots
  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • celery
  • green beans
  • tomatoes (though technically a fruit...)
I don't know why I made a list.  I seriously love all veggies!  Potatoes are probably my least favorite, though recently I have discovered a love for sweet potatoes! What gross veggies are there?

Jay thinks I am weird because I put spinach in my smoothies but it just gives me POWER like Popeye!

I just ate a plateful of eggplant with pesto! Weird I know .. but these are two of my loves mixed together.

I was very much looking forward to a night with Jay tonight..
He made plans...
He went to visit a friend from college, his old room-mate until Thursday!
Oh, well..

So now I am sitting outside, after finishing my plate of eggplant with a glass of wine.
I just got told by one of my neighbors it is not a good sign that I am drinking alone..
...well I am alone, so I will have my glass of wine!

My workout today was a bit rough!
My legs were sore from the long run yesterday..
I love/hate feeling sore!
I did:
20 mins stairclimber
21 minutes on the treadmill, (5 min. warmup at 7.0, every minute after increased speed to 8.0)--> I struggled..
30 minutes stairclimber
Weight lifting.. was kinda random but..
Finished off with a 7:15 mile.. which I also struggled through.
I wanted to run more but my body did not let me.. So, that is that.

Oat bran with protein powder, nutmeg and apples for Bfast
Lunch was kinda on the run-- water, banana, and Luna Bar (which was melty because it had been sitting in the sun!)

Overall today was not so session was a success, traffic wasn't bad, it turned into a beautiful but sweaty day, and my eval from my school went well!

Hope you had a beautiful Tuesday!  Its almost half way through the week!!
I feel like this is me sometimes.. and I miss those beautiful moments in life..
**source!--> I just found this, and love some of the quotes! Check it out!
This one is great!-- And a good reminder!

Don't forget to enter Blue Eyed Runner's Giveaway!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Exhaustion..

I swear Monday's always exhaust me.
I don't know if its just the it being a Monday but I do think it has something to do with it.

I was sad to skip my 20-20-20 work out at the gym this morning but felt like I had to skip the morning work out to get to a Doctor's appointment for one of my clients.  It generally takes me an hour to get there but there is always traffic.  With the 20-20-20 class I would have had seriously 1/2 hour to shower and get ready to give myself an hour to leave and that would be pushing it.
So.. I nixed it.  I did not work out this morning at all.
I knew that this afternoon I would be done with all my clients generally early in comparison to other days, and Jason works late on Monday's so I would be able to get a work out in after.

I so wished I had gotten it in during the morning.. My energy level was definitely low when I left my last client and I was hungry after not having eaten since 11:30 am. (It was 4ish..)
I decided to stop at home to change, grabbed a Gu and some nuts, and headed off.

I decided to go for a run outside.  Although I initially thought I would go run around my house, I hate the neighborhood and its not really fun to run...
So instead I drove to the Philadelphia Art Museum and Kelly Drive

Its a great running and biking path.  it was super busy due to the good weather (not too hot/not to cold..)  It was perfect because I struggle during very hot or extreme cold..
I did about 12-13 miles?.. no watch or whatever but I know about how long the run was.  There is a loop that is 8.5 miles and I did more than that.  I made a point not to go too fast.  I always push myself too much and then die out.  So I just ran for distance rather than speed.  I ran for about an hour and a half, included some incline up and down.  I usually do the art museum steps but decided to forgo that and headed to the gym to get some much needed stretching and strength training in.  I haven't strength trained for a couple days, only did a little on Saturday...

Dinner included a berry smoothie, some pickles, nuts, cheese and spinach sandwich thin.  Kind of a lot.. possible the reason for my weight gain.. (though I weighed myself again today and it was not as bad as I initially thought, and was probably due to the wedding food from the previous day..)

Currently watching the Bacchelorette-- and angry because of Bentley.

Who is everyone rooting for...?

Although I think Ryan is super cute, I really like J.P. and Ames.  I don't think Ames is the most attractive guy but he is super sweet!!! A million times better than Bentley!


Tomorrow is another busy day-
-->have to get an early workout, meet with a client, & meet with my school advisor in the evening...
Cannot wait to relax tomorrow night with Jay!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Don't Want to Work Out Today!



I have been MIA lately.
But I have my reasons --> busy, wedding, workouts, laziness, tired... but mostly just being busy, I swear!

I SHOT A GUN! (and cried..)
maybe its my love for adrenaline, and I decided to jump at the opportunity to go to the shooting range when Jason mentioned it.  Its something that I know scares me, and something that I want to try, but was not sure about it. Jason has been to the shooting range lately, using a gun that his Dad gave him a couple years ago.

Yes I wore the goggles and head set.  I still jumped every time a gun was shot.
I shot the gun multiple times and then just broke down and said I did not want to do it.  My eyes watered,.  It was too scary, too much, and I did not like it!

At least it is something to check off my list...

Thursday was a rest day for me..I wanted to work out, but after lunch at Panera, and the shooting range, I came home, napped, read, and did not do anything.
Jason hung out with his little brother, playing chess and checkers, and then going out for pizza.

Jason brought me back some slices and we played Scrabble.  Although I lost, I gave him a pretty good run for his money!

I went to my office to drop somethings off, and then off to do some errands.
TJ Maxx in search of shoes.
Traders Joes for dinner.
Mall to check out some other shoe options.
Home to cook dinner.
Despite my vegetarian lifestyle I decided to cook Jason a whole chicken for dinner..

Roast veggies- carrots, potato's, onions, rosemary, thyme & olive oil

salad with tomato's, cucumbers, feta cheese

all done & roasted!

roast chicken, stuffed with lemons and covered in lemon juice

all plated up.  I ate a bit of chicken, just to try it out!
We rarely make meat, and I thought it would be a nice surprise for him.
He was very surprised and it was surprisingly good.  I loved the veggies and salad!!!  I need to make a point to roast more veggies.

I woke up early to talk to my dad via Skype.  We have only done this a couple times, but it is very nice to do, and will probably do it more regularly..

Off to the gym for a 5 mile run including intervals for the first 20 min, and hills for the next 20 minutes, followed by a Body Combat class.
I don't know what it was but I felt like the class was not as tough this time..
Don't get my wrong, I was still sweaty, and I suffered through burpees and pushups.
She actually stopped the class after 45 minutes.. even though its an hour long class.
Not sure why?
Finished off with some stretching, more abs, wall squats, squats, lunges with high knee,  & some moves I did in between sets.

I stopped & got some iced coffee for Jason & I.
He was getting ready to play some bball at the park so I made a quick smoothie & joined him for about 20 minutes before heading back home to get ready for the wedding..

Mr. & Mrs!

the happy couple :)

isn't she adorable?!
The ceremony was short & sweet, with lots of family members reading passages, & the priest giving advice for the couple.
We hung around for a bit after the wedding..
I talked to the little flower girl who I actually tested for one of my classes (IQ testing).
When I came up to her, she said:
"Why are you wearing this?" --pointing to my dress
"Because we are at a wedding..Why are you wearing your dress?"
"Because its pretty.."
The priest came up to her to tell her she did a great job and she was smiling very happily, and then told me she was embarrased about it!
I asked her if she was planning on dancing at the wedding..
"Yes, right now? Why is no one else dancing?" (her)
"We can dance at the party afterwords!"
"Ok!" (her)
"Are you excited about the cake?"
"Yes!  I hope its ice cream cake beacuse it is my favorite, and maybe they will have ice cream too, in an ice cream cone!" (her)
"And maybe even with chocolate sauce, and sprinkles, and a cherry on top!"
"YES!!!" with a big smile on her face...

Little kids are soooo cute!

We had a couple hours to kill before the reception (kinda a bummer!) so we headed out to my friend Chrissy's house, where there was a grad. party going on..
We enjoyed some watermelon and everyone else enjoyed some of the catered food there..
As well as some fresh sangria... YUM!

The reception began at 6, with the cocktail hour lasting for an hour.
I used to work at the catering hall and am not a big fan of the place for a wedding as it is not generally a unique place for a wedding and there was actually another wedding going on.  The guests from both weddings were together in the cocktail hour.. Not a fan!

The food wasn't bad though I wasn't too hungry (too filled up with watermelon!)

The wedding party wandered around so it was nice to see everyone!

We were called in, and after everyone made their grand entrances, and the couples first dance... (to the Foo Fighters, Everlong- one of my favorite songs!)....

...dinner was served.

fish with potatoes green beans and carrots. 
the pasta was ok.  a salad was served in between but I gobbled it up and did not take a picture.
the main course ok.. Initially the server gave me the chicken, and another person the fish.  Luckily she recognized that her "chicken" was very flakey!  When I asked the server if it was fish.. she said "I think so..."  which was not too convincing for me..  Luckily before I dug in, I went to the bathroom, and by the time I came back the mix up was fixed!  I gobbled up the veggies, the fish was ok.. but I could tell it was pretty greasy, and the potato.. ehh, no so much!

We met a great couple sitting next to us.  They were in their 40's and they had left their kids at the hotel, but they were great to talk to and very intelligent.  She contracts work for NASA and he contracts work for the government!!
Jason & I

We danced a bit, drank some drinks, had some ok desert (Banana's Foster with vanilla bean ice cream..)

We were wondering what happened to the cake.. and they actually served it in little baggies to go. (they have always done that at this save time & money!)  I don't think it is the usual, and I was not really a fan but...

We did not stay too long.  We left around 10:45.. tired and full, and feeling very old.  Everyone was heading to the hotel bar but we all decided not to!

 Last but not least...


My dad is currently in Kazakhstan for the Peace Corp..
I have not seen him since March but I do have weekly communication with him through email/Skype/texting.
We have had our ups and downs, but over the past couple years we have really grown close..
Especially since my mom has moved to the Netherlands, he is the one that I would call when I was upset, my car broke down, or just to talk...
He has always been there when I need anything whether its financial, support..
He is funny, very smart (graduating Valecictiorian from his class in college), caring, and wants to make the world a better place (he taught at a Juvenile Prison, trying to help them get back into the community for almost 30 years, traveled abroad over summers to Turkey, S. Africa and Japan to teach English, & is now in the Peace Corp)
I could not imagine a better dad!

Today...I did not get to spend time with my dad but I did get to spend a little one on one time with Jay..
Being lazy on the couch.. recovering from our food comas, going to Target for grad some things for the week, and grabbing brunch before he headed off for work..
We went to a place called Green Eggs Cafe
Its a cute little place which usually has a wait.
They do not have any freezers or microwaves at the location, and make everything completely fresh with local ingredients.
Along with some iced coffee, I got an omlet with spinach, tomato's and goat cheese along with seasonal fruit and some toast.  Jason got a Breakfast Burrito..

Breakfast Burrito tomato basil tortilla with eggs, olives, corn, house made chorizo, signature potato, peppers, and onions, tex mex cheese, topped with pico de gallo, sour cream, avocado, and fire roasted red pepper black bean sauce

I tried some.. pretty yummy!

Jason went off to work and I went to the gym..for an OK work out...
40 minutes eliptical
18 minutes running (stomach was NOT feeling good)
stretched out a bit before hopping on the stair climber
46 minutes

I weighed myself at the gym and realize I had gained a couple pounds.
I dont know if its with the food from yesterday, or stress, or my upcoming time of the month..
But I am NOT happy.
I told Jay and he told me I still look great. Its nothing to worry about but..I even got asked at the gym today how I stay so in shape!  So I should not worry about the numbers but still..its a bit shocking since this is the heaviest I have been since my sophomore/junior year of college when I was loosing all the weight from my freshman year!

Now time to relax, watch Miss USA! and get some things done around the house..
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend/Father's Day!

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty intense day for me so I need to decompress.

Remind me never to do this again...
This was an all day thing writing this post!