Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A day in the life..

Today has been a looong, hott day!

I woke up early to get my outta the gym for four days butt-- back into the gym.
Definitely feeling tired, but I knew this was my only chance to get to the gym and not feel rushed.  I walked outside and it was already 80 degrees!! At 5 am!!!.. Its gonna be a HOT one!
It was a tough work out, with almost 9 mile run (split into three parts, first 25 min was fast with low incline, 2nd part was  27 minutes alternating fast, with low incline with slower and higher incline, 3rd part was 20 min 2 min. 7 spd, 1 min. 8.5 spd)  I also did 35 min on the stair climber in between and some strength - mostly legs.  My legs were definitely feeling it after.  My knee was bothering me more which is why I focused on leg/glutes today, since I tend to ignore my leg muscles when I run a lot, which results in a lot of knee and hip problems for me.  Hopefully it won't happen to the degree that it did during training for the marathon.

I came home and made a spinach/strawberry/banana smoothie bowl (inspired by Peanut Butter Fingers) which I have grown to love.  I used to use a little smoothie blender, but the cup broke so now am using the blender, which makes the smoothies a million times better, just a little more annoying to clean..

Off to work.. Had 3 clients today, which wasn't bad.  The worst part of my job is driving.  I have to give extra time between appointments and to get to/from places.  Its exhausting, but I usually am able to avoid the big traffic jams.

Lunch didn't compose of much since I didn't eat breakfast till later.  Its always hard to pack for when you are on the road all day.  I used to make salads for lunch at my old job.  I will still do that if I have a break in between clients or if I am doing work in the office..
Today, lunch was a simple protein shake, yogurt and banana at different times.  Kind of boring.. Nothing exciting but definitely portable and easy..  I am trying to get more protein into my diet and less gluten/wheat products.  I feel as if grains really effect my stomach in a BAD way,, and want to try to experiment with not eating it.  A couple weeks ago I tried part of the Dukan Diet- and did not have ANY stomach problems for a good five days!! I also atone this to my decreased snacking.. which happens a lot when I am bored at night.
I have gotten tested for any food allergies and intolerance before and nothing has turned up...other than the fact that I am missing the enzyme that digests alcohol.  As a result I have what is called the Asian Flush.  This causes my face to get red and blotchy.  I am really self conscious about it.. but that doesn't stop me from enjoying a drink (or two ) on the weekend.

Just home.. its still in the 90's!  I like having my work out done and being able to relax!  Waiting for Jay to get home to take a little walk.  The kitties are cuddling with me..

These next couple days are not extremely busy but I am trying to get ready for a bachelorette party of one of my college friends this weekend..Along with work outs, work.. and everything else that life brings so I do feel a little overwhelmed.  SOOO happy class is over!!

Sorry my posts haven't included pictures... Just trying to get writing again and soon again I will include pictures and all that fun stuff!

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