Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Permenantly Sweaty.

Another hot and sweaty day.
Again I woke up semi-early, and made a trip to the bank then gym.
It was already mid-80's.  I wanted to run outside this morning for National Running Day, but my tummy wasn't really feeling up for it, so decided to head to the gym where I would be safe if any tummy problems occurs :/  So jealous of Bess, & her sweaty run!
I ran for a bit, but my hips were definitely feeling it.. still I managed to run 5 miles in 42 minutes (7.0, 2 incline).
I did 35 min. on the Stair Master, and wanted to do more but I was seriously grossly sweaty and felt like I could not hold on to anything without slipping, or splashing others with sweat!
so.. I just stretched, did some abs, and weights.  Jason came just as I was finishing so I benched a little with him before climbing on the bike for 13 minutes before heading out.
I have recently begun looooving some cardio at the end of my work outs, usually and hot and speedy interval.  I gives me that last little boost to get started with my day...
I decided against running today to give my hips a break.

After a pretty unsuccessful smoothie due to some temporary malfunction from the blender, and headed off for some work in the office, and then a session with a kid.  Nothing to spectacular.  I brought some veggies and hummus, along with an orange to snack on.  (also "taste tested" some little organic nut/fruit bars in the bins at Wegmans when I went to pick up BBQ sauce for dinner.. Everyone does it right??!)

BBQ chicken, shrimp along with some eggplant, spinach and broccoli for dinner tonight while sitting outside on our pathetic little pavement yard... at least we have something outside?!

Now to relax, with the Phillies game in the background, and reading on the couch.  I just began reading Breaking Night.  So far so good..  I love reading but lately haven't had time to because of school.  I recently finished Water for Elephants which I started months ago, along with The Story of a Beautiful Girl both of which I highly recommend (thought i think many people already know about Water for Elephants.  I love reading.  When I was little I would read books in a day.  I still tend to do that a lot but have less time to do so..

One thing that made me really sad today was about this little girl that I am working with.  A report was recently made that her Mom's ex-boyfriend sexually abused her.  She is a cute little 4 year old girl, and her Mom is so upset about it, and I cannot blame her.  There are a lot of signs that it may be true as well. Today she was told that she has to bring her to the doctor to get examined...for scar tissue.  Horrible.  Her mom is super worried because she has always told her that she is the only one that is supposed to touch her down there when she takes a bath, and wonders what will happen when the doctor examines her.. ugh.. horrible.  No one deserves this type of thing to happen to their child!

Congrats to Julie!  I am so jealous and wish I could do that but then realize I am still in school and working to do something more, and I have a lot more to come in the next couple years/months...?

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