Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A mini update.

I really have not had time or been able to give updates during this trip.
We have been constantly on the go, loosing phone service, maxing out phone batteries and without internet.
It has been wonderful.
I have no reason to think about work.. & just been able to relaxxx.

We are currently in Oregon --> McMinninville which is in the heart of wine country.
Today, Jason and I spent the day wine tasting!!
So fun.  The wineries here are wonderful & the people are so nice.
We actually had to stop after 4 wineries.. (but lots of tasting!) because we felt we would be talked into buying more wine!

Yesterday we spent the day traveling from Victoria, on Vancouver Island, by ferry to Seattle, and then by train to Portland!! LLOOONG DAY!!

Tomorrow we will be heading to Bend Oregon where my sister lives before trying to head back on Saturday!!

On workouts, I got a mini run in yesterday combined with a walk with my mom.  Other than that not too much other than walks and some hikes. O well!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

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