Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Productive Day

I was so excited when Jason had a full Saturday off.
He usually has to work in the early afternoon so we cannot have a full fun Saturday together!
Its a bit dissapointing!

Yesterday, Jason and I decided to take a long bike ride.
The weather has been beautiful so it was perfect!

We ended up taking a 2 hour bike ride from the city to Vally Forge National Park.
It ended up being maybe 30 miles?
It was so fun, and I ended up getting some sweet tan lines!

I didn't bring my camera to lighten our loads, but the ride was beautiful.
Some of it is pretty shaded and other parts you are right in the sunshine!
This is actually a recommended run to do for marathon training, because at a certain point to the park it is 20 miles.  You can take public transportation afterwords back into the city.
I had been thinking about doing this during my training but my knee began to hurt right after my 18 mile run.

We finished it off with a nice cup of frozen yogurt covered in fresh fruit.  SOOO yummy.
Though it is good that we don't have one a little closer because it would be a big hit to our wallets!!

Later after showering, we wandered around the city & for dinner we made home-made veggie burgers!

So I guess the downside of having a WHOLE day with Jason yesterday, was that I had a whole day without him today.
I decided to head out early to drop off stuff for work.
Again, since it was so beautiful out and really wanted to run.
I know I have said that I do not want to run to help my ham string heal, but I was just itching!
So I did, but I did it slow and told myself if I hurt, I would walk.

I did push myself to run but run slowly.
 I did end up walking.. because I was hurting but I was very happy to run what I did!!

I dropped off my car to get inspected, before biking to the gym to get a little extra work out.
I wanted to bike more, but my butt was hurting after the bike ride yesterday!!

I was thinking I was going to be sooo productive with my car inspection but apparently something is wrong and they cannot start the inspection. I may have to go to the dealer to get it checked out!! I hope its nothing serious!!

After picking up my malfunctioning car.. I head to Whole Foods, spent forever walking around and spent a fortune like always.  I was trying not to but I get tempted by too many things.

Again..I wanted to get my car washed but by the time I got there, it was closed.
So not as productive right now but I did make attempts at least!

After unpacking the groceries,
  • I cleaned the kitchen
  •  gave Max a bath (he was not happy AT ALL!)

I couldn't resist!

he is now hiding upstairs from me...

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