Monday, July 4, 2011

Straight as an Arrow

After lazying around for a couple hours, watching a movie, taking a little nap, I forced myself up despite lacking the energy and went for a run.  Still hot an sticky, I told myself if I got it done now, I would be able to relax for the remainder of the evening.  I knew people would be out and about celebrating, and I would be longingly looking at them enjoying their holiday with friends and family, having bbq's but I was going to RUN!

Ben Franklin Bridge Run... To Jersey and Back!

Definitely a hot and sticky one but feeling so good now.  After words I walked to Wawa.. Best place on earth and grabbed some Powerade.  I was feeling like I really needed some rebooting and due to the heat, I just was not hungry yet.  I generally need some time to recover and be hungry after long runs.  I am not one of those people who come back starving!  I know I need to give my self what it needs but its a little hard when you are just soo hot!!

The rest of my night is not going to be too exciting.  It looks like it may rain so.. I don't even know about fireworks!

Trying to Love Myself
Yesterday I went to Target and was trying on a bunch of really cute clothes.  I am a little addicted to Target and can never go there without wanting to buy a bunch of stuff, even when I shouldn't.
I realized as I was trying on this one skirt, although I have thought about it before, that I really don't have a shape to my body.  I mean, I am very straight and narrow.  I don't have hips or a big butt, and I don't have a really defined waist.  I also have like no boobs.. A cups right here..

I always am a bit jealous of girls who have those defined waists  and big butts. 
I do generally like my body but I guess it is hard when my body is not as feminine as many girls out there.

I was talking to Jason about this today, and he always thinks I am crazy when I am critical about my body.  He told me that whatever I think doesn't matter (sweet right?!) & that I was beautiful.  Even though I have no butt or boobs, he told me that my legs are great! (one reason he hates when I wear long dresses.. which he has actually told me, and asked me to change into a shorter dress!!)

Its great to have someone that cares about you, look at you and make you realize that despite what you think, there are other things that are great about you, and that each person looks at themselves in a completely different way than you do.  I know that I see someone different that what Jason sees when he looks at me..

We are, of course, our own worst enemy & critic!
I think looking at blogs recently has helped me realize that everyone is different.  That we all have to find things that we love about ourselves and be happy about who we are.
Reading blogs has really helped me, as I am able to see that every one eats, every one struggles, and everyone is living the best to their ability.  It is easy to get wrapped up and begin to compare yourself to everyone else that you see..
I think as women & girls, we need to attempt as much as possible to love ourselves and embrace those things that make us beautiful.  Remember it is not just the outside that matters.  Embrace the inside.. as those things are the most important things and will get you farther than any outside beauty, no matter what ANYONE says!


Are there things about yourself that you don't like that you always compare to others?
Yes,  I am very guilty of this, and I hate it.  Like I said above, I wish I had more of a shape to my body.. but I am what I am!

What is the one thing about yourself that you love, and love to show off?
My legs, and I think my arms as well.  I also love my eyes! Gosh it feels good to say what I love about myself rather than constantly criticize parts about me!!



  1. Heh I really identify with this post. I definitely don't have that "perfect" body type either and it's been a source of frustration that comes and goes. I compare myself to others all the time. But I do try to remind myself that (like you) I love my legs and love my arms :)

  2. I am glad someone else identifies with me. It can be difficult, and its hard not to compare sometimes..But we have to try!!!