Monday, July 4, 2011

On my own.

Happy 4th!!

I love the 4th of July.  Summer, BBQ's & Fireworks!!
The past couple years have been wonderful.. with everything a 4th of July should be including friends, Boys 2 Men concert, and fun drinks!

BBQ last year!
2008 4th of July with friends & fire works!

Katlin & I
This year is a little different..
This year Jason has to work.. and I am on my own.
All my friends are either away or working.. so I have to find excitement on my own!

This morning we had coffee together and ate some breakfast.

We decided to go and wander around the city until work.
I knew that there was a parade today but thought that it was on the parkway rather than in the olde city section of the city.
We ran into all the crowds of people getting ready to watch the parade as well as all the parade members prepping to get started.
I was getting ready to take some pictures and then realized I had brought my camera without my camera card!!!
I took some pictures with Jason's iPhone and will add them in later!
We wandered around a bit.. a good walk, trying to avoid the crowds of tourists that come to Philly to see all the historic sites!
We ended up grabbing some iced coffee and lunch.
Jason got a tuna sandwich with egg and pepper while I got a pesto, tomato, basil and olive omelet.

How to Survive the Holiday on my own:

  1. Make a plan: I have made a plan to go for a run later today.. once it cools down a bit.  I have to keep it other wise I will get stuck on the couch watching movies all day 
  2. Something special for yourself : Make myself something yummy for dinner.  Sometimes its hard to make dinner for just you, but it helps to do something for you and just you when you are on your own. I also want to paint my toenails in an effort to save some money, instead of getting a pedicure.
  3. Relax:  Its not always easy to relax for me.  I always have to keep busy or I find myself eating mindlessly, and being miserable.  I am trying to learn to relax and not worry.
  4. Enjoy being Alone: Its peaceful and gives me time to think.  Its quiet and I can do whatever I want to do!!! No having to fight anyone for the remote, and I can watch girly shows and movies!
Enjoy your 4th whatever you do and whoever you are with!
If you aren't celebrating, enjoy your Monday!

What are your plans for the holiday?
What do you do when you are on your own?
Whats your favorite thing about the 4th? or Summer?

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