Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There is a story to this..

While in high school, playing field hockey, the goalie popped up a field hockey ball into my face.  As a result my lower teeth went into my lip.  I was told that if I got hit again, I would loose my front teeth..

Lets fast forward to yes, another field hockey game, but this time in college.
During the corner, I was "flying".  For those of you not familiar with field hockey, and corner's, this means that on the defensive end, the fly is the person that sprints after the ball, after the oppistion hits it out ( this is why I cannot be a coach.   I cannot explain things well)  So here is a video that helps explain what I am talking about...

During this corner, a girl PURPOSELY hit a ball into my face, resulting in my front tooth falling out ( I actually caught it in my hand!).  I got 2 root canals to my two front teeth  as a result.  Makes me think of this...

Fast forward to last summer..actually last July, the same week I was due to graduate with my master's degree.
Jason and I went for a bike ride to the gym.  On the way back, in an attempt to race Jason back home (my compitive side shining through!!), I raced ahead of him and actually went a different way.  While I was attempting to turn on a street, my bike wheel got stuck in a trolley line. My bike tipped over, tipping me off the bike.  My face was destroyed!!  I also managed to crack my front tooth and loosened the other front tooth. This resulted in me having to get a crown on my tooth.

My face did recover in time for graduation and graduation pictures.. Thank god!

Now, yesterday, Jason made grilled corn on the cob.  I love corn on the cob..
But yesterday I bit into it..
 And my tooth is now loose!

It would not be so bad but my dental insurance just ended when my dad went to the Peace Corp and since I am  contracting for work, I do not get my own insurance through work.  I took my own health insurance.

So now I have to pay out of pocket to get this fixed or it WILL fall out!
My step mom told me is should come to Khazakstan because everyone gets gold crowns there..
sorry this picture is not the prettiest...

Definitely an option!!
Anyway.. This is what I trying to do today.
May not be able to go see my clients today.. so another hit to the wallet!
Hopefully I will not be posting a picture of myself with a missing tooth soon!

 Have you ever lost a tooth?  What happened?

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