Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When One Bowl Of Ice Cream Turns Into Two

I have to admit, something I am a little embarrassed about, that I have no self control anymore.
After one bowl of ice cream, despite being full and satisfied, I went back for more...
I couldn't stop.. I don't know why.
It's something I have struggled with..
I don't know how to stop.


  1. When you find out how...let me know.

  2. haha. I don't know if there is an answer!!

  3. i pretty much try to keep busy to keep from snacking so much.. doesn't always work obviously!!

  4. So happy I found your blog. I can't even buy ice cream because of this :( I also can't write about it too much because my mom hears the word binge and immediatly thinks I need to be put in treatment.

  5. Yea i know the feeling. I wish I could be more open with my family and boyfriend about this but my boyfriend doesnt think that I have a problem because of course he does not see it! He just says that I am skinny and perfect and I should not worry. Also a reason that I buy ice cream- my boyfriend LoL.. I am really glad that I found your blog as well because I feel like we do have some similarities! :)