Thursday, July 7, 2011

Skinny (Book Review)

I was recently sent this book to review after hearing about it from Carey from Moves and Munchies.
The reason I expressed interest in this book is because my experiences with binge eating and disordered eating.

In the aftermath of her Orthodox Jewish father's death, twenty-six-year-old Gray Lachmann finds herself compulsively eating. Desperate to stop binging, she abandons her life in New York City for a job at a southern weight-loss camp. There, caught among the warring egos of her devious co-counselor Sheena, the self-aggrandizing camp director Lewis, his attractive assistant Bennett, and a throng of combative teenage campers, she is confronted by a captivating mystery: her teenage half-sister Eden, whom Gray never knew existed. Now, while unraveling her father's lies, Gray must tackle her own self-deceptions and take control of her body and her life. 

My Review:

I love reading books.. and was unable to put this book down after I began to read it (On Tuesday!).  I was very excited when I received this book not only because I was searching for a good book to read but also because I felt that the character in this book went through similar situations and struggles that I have had.

Gray, who initially began her binging following her father's death.  She is unable to find a connection to reasons why.. and states that her father when he died, left her with his insatiable hunger...

I also am not sure about when or why I began to binge eat but do feel like it was the result of family issues, and my attempt at trying to comfort myself as a result.  I also have been unable to open up to someone about it and am attempting to figure out how the best way would be to go about this..

All the characters in this book have their own issues which they are all trying to work through.  They are all finding themselves, and although much of it seems to be linked to weight, a number on the scale and their bodies, there is so much more to their stories than just those things (a reminder for everyone out there!!)

I loved seeing Gray evolve through out her relationships with men, the campers, and her mother,  as well as the ups and downs in weight that were tied to these connections..She is able to come full circle and talk to her mother about her worries and struggles that had been associated with her father's death and her guilt that was very much tied to his death.

I believe that this is a wonderful book for women and girls to read, who struggle with body image, weight issues, and disordered eating habits, as well as trouble with guilt, relationships and coming of age.

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