Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend has not been an exciting one..
But it was still the weekend and I am not looking forward to a very busy and upcoming week.

Friday, my aunt came to visit.
It was POURING DOWN most of the afternoon and evening.
We were not about to venture outside!
Luckily she brought over some yummy indian food!
We ate, sat, and chatted until she had to leave.

Jason and I had a nice quiet night in, where he mixed up a little alcoholic smoothie.
We also watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Crazy movie! Definitely a must see!

We slept in on Saturday very nice and relaxing.
Saturday was not too busy- I finished a book and went to the gym.

We decided to head out for a nice little Mexican.
A delicious shrimp taco salad along with some chips and salsa, and of course a corona!
Again back home after walking around a bit and just relaxed!

Jason and I are not the people that go out that much.
We would much rather relax and hang out together. Pretty much homebodies!
I do love going out especially on nice summer evenings and days, but I tend to enjoy being home more. Yes we are "old" 20 somethings.

Most people our age drink all night. I hate myself the next day and would rather enjoy the next day rather than drink all night.
Don't get me wrong, I love to go out every once in a while, but I do not need to do it often AT ALL!

Today, Jason and I went to the gym together.
Made smoothies together before Jason headed to work :(

I dropped off some stuff at work and went for a little walk/run near my office.
It was beautiful out.
Tonight.. nothing much.
Movies and relaxing.

Need to get back on track with this.
I swear it will happen. Despite the busyness of the week!


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