Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trying to slow down the weekend

Welcome to Sunday..
Sadly the weekend has slipped by so doesn't even feel like I even got to enjoy it.

I woke up bring and early on Saturday, due to my cats harassing me for some extra love.
He loves cuddling on my neck..

I was not feeling the gym (this seems to be a pattern..)
But I made myself.  I knew I was going to beat myself up if I didn't...
I ran for 30 minutes..(3.75 miles with the last 5 minutes finishing between 8-9.0 & the first 25 minutes, between 7.2-7.6 on a 2.0 incline)
Next Body Combat.  This is a cardio kick boxing class that I have been taking for the past couple weeks.
I love the energy of the teacher.  She is really motivating and fun!  There are no weights, just a lot of kicking and punching but every Sunday I wake up with sore arms from the power that I am FORCED to put into the punches!  Its crazy.  You are constantly moving, whether you are doing jumping jacks, running, high knees, kicking, "jump roping", bear crawls etc...  Love and hate it at the same time.  She always finishes up with a great set of ab exercises and stretches at the end, usually incorporating some kind of yoga moves into the end.  (I also take her 20-20-20 class on Monday ams (which is 20 minutes Boot Camp, 20 minutes Strength, 20 minutes yoga, and she KICKS out butts!!)
Jason came to the gym around 10:30, and we did some weights together.  I love working out with him because he always does stuff that I wouldn't do on my own...

After laying around after the gym, and I made smoothies for both of us (Jay REFUSED to take spinach in his, so I had to make one just for him with PB, Banana's and strawberries, while I did strawberries, blueberries, and spinach).  I watched the rest of Glee though I had seen the last episodes and Jay read.

Then off to the Phillies game!
First we grabbed some lunch, instead of hotdogs and popcorns at the game.

Jay had some wings and split pea crab soup, while I had a grilled veggie wrap which was yummy!! and some fries that came along with it.
Of course beers were necessary as well!

The minute we parked,  a sheet of rain came pouring down and we had to sprint into the stadium, which was pretty difficult, due to me wearing sandals!  There was only a 35 minute game delay and it didn't rain the rest of the game!!
There was the cutest family sitting in front of us!  A little boy and girl dressed in the cutest Phillies gear.  The boy was MAAAYBE a year old and kept grabbing for everyones food.. even tried to grab my beer bottle at one point!!!  I totally would have kid napped him if I knew I could get away with it...And I didn't want to creep them out by taking pictures of their kids.  Jason already thinks I have problems with little boys, so I did not need to confirm that!

The Phillies won!!! Yay! We literally were surrounded by groups of Cubs it was kind of fun to cheer and hear the groan!

Chinese food, beer and a scary movie when we got home before collapsing in bed.

Today has been a lazy one so far.
Coffee, finishing up work, talking to my mom via G-chat, grocery store.

movie outfit...
Jason just headed off for work and I am gonna head to the gym before meeting up with old college roommates for dinner and a movie!

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