Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have been MIA lately.
But I have my reasons --> busy, wedding, workouts, laziness, tired... but mostly just being busy, I swear!

I SHOT A GUN! (and cried..)
maybe its my love for adrenaline, and I decided to jump at the opportunity to go to the shooting range when Jason mentioned it.  Its something that I know scares me, and something that I want to try, but was not sure about it. Jason has been to the shooting range lately, using a gun that his Dad gave him a couple years ago.

Yes I wore the goggles and head set.  I still jumped every time a gun was shot.
I shot the gun multiple times and then just broke down and said I did not want to do it.  My eyes watered,.  It was too scary, too much, and I did not like it!

At least it is something to check off my list...

Thursday was a rest day for me..I wanted to work out, but after lunch at Panera, and the shooting range, I came home, napped, read, and did not do anything.
Jason hung out with his little brother, playing chess and checkers, and then going out for pizza.

Jason brought me back some slices and we played Scrabble.  Although I lost, I gave him a pretty good run for his money!

I went to my office to drop somethings off, and then off to do some errands.
TJ Maxx in search of shoes.
Traders Joes for dinner.
Mall to check out some other shoe options.
Home to cook dinner.
Despite my vegetarian lifestyle I decided to cook Jason a whole chicken for dinner..

Roast veggies- carrots, potato's, onions, rosemary, thyme & olive oil

salad with tomato's, cucumbers, feta cheese

all done & roasted!

roast chicken, stuffed with lemons and covered in lemon juice

all plated up.  I ate a bit of chicken, just to try it out!
We rarely make meat, and I thought it would be a nice surprise for him.
He was very surprised and it was surprisingly good.  I loved the veggies and salad!!!  I need to make a point to roast more veggies.

I woke up early to talk to my dad via Skype.  We have only done this a couple times, but it is very nice to do, and will probably do it more regularly..

Off to the gym for a 5 mile run including intervals for the first 20 min, and hills for the next 20 minutes, followed by a Body Combat class.
I don't know what it was but I felt like the class was not as tough this time..
Don't get my wrong, I was still sweaty, and I suffered through burpees and pushups.
She actually stopped the class after 45 minutes.. even though its an hour long class.
Not sure why?
Finished off with some stretching, more abs, wall squats, squats, lunges with high knee,  & some moves I did in between sets.

I stopped & got some iced coffee for Jason & I.
He was getting ready to play some bball at the park so I made a quick smoothie & joined him for about 20 minutes before heading back home to get ready for the wedding..

Mr. & Mrs!

the happy couple :)

isn't she adorable?!
The ceremony was short & sweet, with lots of family members reading passages, & the priest giving advice for the couple.
We hung around for a bit after the wedding..
I talked to the little flower girl who I actually tested for one of my classes (IQ testing).
When I came up to her, she said:
"Why are you wearing this?" --pointing to my dress
"Because we are at a wedding..Why are you wearing your dress?"
"Because its pretty.."
The priest came up to her to tell her she did a great job and she was smiling very happily, and then told me she was embarrased about it!
I asked her if she was planning on dancing at the wedding..
"Yes, right now? Why is no one else dancing?" (her)
"We can dance at the party afterwords!"
"Ok!" (her)
"Are you excited about the cake?"
"Yes!  I hope its ice cream cake beacuse it is my favorite, and maybe they will have ice cream too, in an ice cream cone!" (her)
"And maybe even with chocolate sauce, and sprinkles, and a cherry on top!"
"YES!!!" with a big smile on her face...

Little kids are soooo cute!

We had a couple hours to kill before the reception (kinda a bummer!) so we headed out to my friend Chrissy's house, where there was a grad. party going on..
We enjoyed some watermelon and everyone else enjoyed some of the catered food there..
As well as some fresh sangria... YUM!

The reception began at 6, with the cocktail hour lasting for an hour.
I used to work at the catering hall and am not a big fan of the place for a wedding as it is not generally a unique place for a wedding and there was actually another wedding going on.  The guests from both weddings were together in the cocktail hour.. Not a fan!

The food wasn't bad though I wasn't too hungry (too filled up with watermelon!)

The wedding party wandered around so it was nice to see everyone!

We were called in, and after everyone made their grand entrances, and the couples first dance... (to the Foo Fighters, Everlong- one of my favorite songs!)....

...dinner was served.

fish with potatoes green beans and carrots. 
the pasta was ok.  a salad was served in between but I gobbled it up and did not take a picture.
the main course ok.. Initially the server gave me the chicken, and another person the fish.  Luckily she recognized that her "chicken" was very flakey!  When I asked the server if it was fish.. she said "I think so..."  which was not too convincing for me..  Luckily before I dug in, I went to the bathroom, and by the time I came back the mix up was fixed!  I gobbled up the veggies, the fish was ok.. but I could tell it was pretty greasy, and the potato.. ehh, no so much!

We met a great couple sitting next to us.  They were in their 40's and they had left their kids at the hotel, but they were great to talk to and very intelligent.  She contracts work for NASA and he contracts work for the government!!
Jason & I

We danced a bit, drank some drinks, had some ok desert (Banana's Foster with vanilla bean ice cream..)

We were wondering what happened to the cake.. and they actually served it in little baggies to go. (they have always done that at this save time & money!)  I don't think it is the usual, and I was not really a fan but...

We did not stay too long.  We left around 10:45.. tired and full, and feeling very old.  Everyone was heading to the hotel bar but we all decided not to!

 Last but not least...


My dad is currently in Kazakhstan for the Peace Corp..
I have not seen him since March but I do have weekly communication with him through email/Skype/texting.
We have had our ups and downs, but over the past couple years we have really grown close..
Especially since my mom has moved to the Netherlands, he is the one that I would call when I was upset, my car broke down, or just to talk...
He has always been there when I need anything whether its financial, support..
He is funny, very smart (graduating Valecictiorian from his class in college), caring, and wants to make the world a better place (he taught at a Juvenile Prison, trying to help them get back into the community for almost 30 years, traveled abroad over summers to Turkey, S. Africa and Japan to teach English, & is now in the Peace Corp)
I could not imagine a better dad!

Today...I did not get to spend time with my dad but I did get to spend a little one on one time with Jay..
Being lazy on the couch.. recovering from our food comas, going to Target for grad some things for the week, and grabbing brunch before he headed off for work..
We went to a place called Green Eggs Cafe
Its a cute little place which usually has a wait.
They do not have any freezers or microwaves at the location, and make everything completely fresh with local ingredients.
Along with some iced coffee, I got an omlet with spinach, tomato's and goat cheese along with seasonal fruit and some toast.  Jason got a Breakfast Burrito..

Breakfast Burrito tomato basil tortilla with eggs, olives, corn, house made chorizo, signature potato, peppers, and onions, tex mex cheese, topped with pico de gallo, sour cream, avocado, and fire roasted red pepper black bean sauce

I tried some.. pretty yummy!

Jason went off to work and I went to the gym..for an OK work out...
40 minutes eliptical
18 minutes running (stomach was NOT feeling good)
stretched out a bit before hopping on the stair climber
46 minutes

I weighed myself at the gym and realize I had gained a couple pounds.
I dont know if its with the food from yesterday, or stress, or my upcoming time of the month..
But I am NOT happy.
I told Jay and he told me I still look great. Its nothing to worry about but..I even got asked at the gym today how I stay so in shape!  So I should not worry about the numbers but still..its a bit shocking since this is the heaviest I have been since my sophomore/junior year of college when I was loosing all the weight from my freshman year!

Now time to relax, watch Miss USA! and get some things done around the house..
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend/Father's Day!

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty intense day for me so I need to decompress.

Remind me never to do this again...
This was an all day thing writing this post!

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