Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Reading.

Here are some great books that I read recently- because I have not had school and actually am able to read FUN books.  I have to tell you that I love reading.  Seriously.  When I was younger I would read ALL THE TIME!  I would read books in a day, not putting them down until I was finished!  I read long books during elementary school.  Some weeks I read 4-5 books in a week!  A real dork right here.. !  I still read books quickly..and love to read whenever I have a chance! Jason has also slowly become a book worm as time has gone on. We have a bookshelf filled with books for school-- for both of us, as well as books for pleasure.

Water For Elephants
I am sure most of you have heard of this book.
It is amazing.  A great story, with many diverse characters that make you want to keep reading without stopping. I love the story between the two characters, and the character view of the older man looking back onto his life in the circus.  It is heart wrenching at times to see the struggle of the old man in his current life..  Also a great love story between an animal and person.. Loved this book
I have not seen the movie, so I cannot compare the two- and am usually disappointed by books made into movies, but I do plan on seeing it..

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close 
The author Jonathon Safron Foer wrote Everything is Illuminated.
This is a great book.  I always love books revolving around kids, especially kids with disabilities.
This book is about a boy who recently had his father die in the September 11th attacks.
He has the strong belief that a key of his father will open some lock and goes around searching NYC for everyone with the last name Black.  Definitely a must read!!

The History of Love
I read this book last summer.. and could not put it down!
SO good.  Jason got it to me because I love the above book, and the author is married to Jonathon Safron Foer

** Review 

Nicole Krauss's The History of Love is a hauntingly beautiful novel about two characters whose lives are woven together in such complex ways that even after the last page is turned, the reader is left to wonder what really happened. In the hands of a less gifted writer, unraveling this tangled web could easily give way to complete chaos. However, under Krauss's watchful eye, these twists and turns only strengthen the impact of this enchanting book.  

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

A Must read running book.  This is a great story about the author, Haruki Murakami, and his journal on his training for the NYC Marathon.  I think I need to read this again because just looking at it, makes me interested in it.    He is an older man at this point with a love of running.  He actually ran the original marathon course at one point on his own, not during a marathon, just to do it!  If you want to read an inspiring book that displays the passion and love of running that is not only fun,  but also mind provoking.. this is it!

Little Bee

Initially I was not too interested in this book, but my sister got it and gave it to me after not being too into it.  After I began reading it..I really got into it!  This book revolves around a little girl and her experience after seeing a brutal event along with a couple.. and the impact of that event.. I do not want to give too much away.  But definitely recommend it!

A Dog's Purpose

If you liked Marley & Me, Read this!  Jason's mom gave this to me after reading it.

This is a story about the life (lives) of a dog and his thoughts of life, humans and his perspective on everything in our life.  Its humorous and heart wrenching.  It made me think about what animals really think about us and what we do.  As the story goes on, the dog finds out why he really is on this earth, and his purpose- hence the title- in life.

Breaking Night

**Made to Lifetime Movie!! Haha!  Makes this a MUST read of course!

Liz Murray is a woman who grew up in a house of drug use, and poverty.  She soon leaves her family during her adolescence and becomes homeless!  She struggles with friends, love, school, and life in general.   This is the story of her going from a life of struggles on the street to the academic life, and eventually to Harvard.  This is not a book that I would usually pick off the shelf but decided to pick something a little different this time.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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