Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Exhaustion..

I swear Monday's always exhaust me.
I don't know if its just the it being a Monday but I do think it has something to do with it.

I was sad to skip my 20-20-20 work out at the gym this morning but felt like I had to skip the morning work out to get to a Doctor's appointment for one of my clients.  It generally takes me an hour to get there but there is always traffic.  With the 20-20-20 class I would have had seriously 1/2 hour to shower and get ready to give myself an hour to leave and that would be pushing it.
So.. I nixed it.  I did not work out this morning at all.
I knew that this afternoon I would be done with all my clients generally early in comparison to other days, and Jason works late on Monday's so I would be able to get a work out in after.

I so wished I had gotten it in during the morning.. My energy level was definitely low when I left my last client and I was hungry after not having eaten since 11:30 am. (It was 4ish..)
I decided to stop at home to change, grabbed a Gu and some nuts, and headed off.

I decided to go for a run outside.  Although I initially thought I would go run around my house, I hate the neighborhood and its not really fun to run...
So instead I drove to the Philadelphia Art Museum and Kelly Drive

Its a great running and biking path.  it was super busy due to the good weather (not too hot/not to cold..)  It was perfect because I struggle during very hot or extreme cold..
I did about 12-13 miles?.. no watch or whatever but I know about how long the run was.  There is a loop that is 8.5 miles and I did more than that.  I made a point not to go too fast.  I always push myself too much and then die out.  So I just ran for distance rather than speed.  I ran for about an hour and a half, included some incline up and down.  I usually do the art museum steps but decided to forgo that and headed to the gym to get some much needed stretching and strength training in.  I haven't strength trained for a couple days, only did a little on Saturday...

Dinner included a berry smoothie, some pickles, nuts, cheese and spinach sandwich thin.  Kind of a lot.. possible the reason for my weight gain.. (though I weighed myself again today and it was not as bad as I initially thought, and was probably due to the wedding food from the previous day..)

Currently watching the Bacchelorette-- and angry because of Bentley.

Who is everyone rooting for...?

Although I think Ryan is super cute, I really like J.P. and Ames.  I don't think Ames is the most attractive guy but he is super sweet!!! A million times better than Bentley!


Tomorrow is another busy day-
-->have to get an early workout, meet with a client, & meet with my school advisor in the evening...
Cannot wait to relax tomorrow night with Jay!

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