Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Big Morning Decision... sleep or work out?

I meant to wake up early to get a work out in, but I slept through my alarm.
I still managed to wake up an hour after my alarm was supposed to go off.

I intially thought, well, I already woke up late, maybe I should just skip it..

This happens a lot when I have to wake up early, but  I DID IT!
I figured that its better to at least get some of a workout in..even if it was not what I had originally planned, than not work out at all!

It took me a little bit to get moving..

I did over a 4 mile run in a little over 30 minutes.
13 minutes on the Stair climber..
I definatly needed to stretch.  My left hamstring is feeling pretty tight..

Abs & Push ups.
I finished off with 13 minutes of intervals.
1-8.5, 1.0 incline
2- 4.5, 14 incline
3. 8.5, 2 incline
4-13; 1 minute 4..5, 1.0 incline, 1 minute 9.0, 1.0 incline

ugh boy was I sweaty..

As I was walking out, a cop told me that I had worked out enough for he felt better by himself!

A spinach, raspberry, strawberry smoothie with vanilla protein powder and ice cubes. Yum. Perfect Start to the day along with some espresso coffee and an apple to eat on my way to work..

I have to say, some days are easier than others.
Some of the kids that I work with are a joy, and I leave feeling as if I am helping them as well as their families.  They are sweet, and their smiles go a long way in making me feel as if my long drive to work is worth it.. (despite the crazy traffic)

These last two days have not been those kind of days.  Yesterday, despite working with the cutest kid, I got spit on, kicked, and he swore at me (while laughing)..  oh, by the way.. he is in PRESCHOOL!!  That is when I know it is all due to the home that the child lives in, and the influence the family members has on their child's behaviors.

Today..two of us went to observe a boy in school.  He is a very difficult case.  He was recently diagnosed with seizure disorder but he also has numerous other health problems, including previous feeding tubes, ear plugs, early onset adolescence ( you don't want to know what that mean for him.. it includes feet! :/ )  He is also a big curser, and if I leave a session with him without being sworn at 2 times (called a b****, f*** up a**.. and more) I can call it a success (though it has not happened yet!)
What a joy... This is why I run!

I spent part of the afternoon sitting in Wegman's eating my lunch, with papers spread all over, my computer open, pretty much looking like a mess!

This is my to go spot because there is free Wi-Fi, food!, and I feel better because I am not stuck in our stuffy office!

I am tired! Thank god I do not have any clients the remainder of the week (though this doesn't mean I don't have work to do...)

Although I had planned on writing a post about adrenaline.. I will save it for tomorrow!

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