Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A success!.. Sort of!

So after my unhappy, unsuccessful morning..
I went to work..(long and sweaty drive..)

I stopped at Wegman's.. a go to place for me, for bathrooms and to fill up my water bottle.  I sat for about 40 minutes, finishing some paperwork before my next client..

RIGHT BEFORE I went out to my car..  I mean minutes...
Complete down pour...I MEAN COMPLETE.

I had to go,.. and of course I did not bring an umbrella in with me because it was sunny when I went in!!
I sprinted to my car.. only a little wet!-->success!

Traffic on the way home... a problem with drinking water is having to pee all the time--> NOT good when you have to drive everywhere, get stuck in traffic, and no public bathrooms ANYWHERE.. seriously!  This happens to me EVERY DAY and EVERYDAY I sprint into my house, don't say anything to anyone, and sprint up to the bathroom, barely making it to the bathroom..
Off to the Gym..
After sprinting 1/4 of a lap in less than 2 minutes...
I decided to go to a spin class.. haven't been to a spin class for 2 years! It was pretty intense and fun!
All the spin classes that I used to go to lights were on and we saw our selves in the mirror.. this time black light!!!
After I stretched out, did some abs..
1/4 lap in about 2 minutes
5 minutes stair climber
..repeated 3-4 more times.. I lost count!!!


just finished up some work...
watching TV.
Bed very soon!

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