Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back to the grind....

The weekend is over....

I wish it was Friday again.  I am EXHAUSTED!

Saturday I woke up early to talk to my Dad, who is across the world.
It was nice to talk to him and catch up especially since we generally only communicate through email..
This time he called me over Skype which is AWESOME.  I have used Skype a lot, and Gmail chat because my mom also lives in the Netherlands.

I head off to the gym for a little run before going to a Cardio Kick Boxing type of class.  The teacher is awesome and it was just what I needed to start off the day!
I sprinted to the locker room to rinse off the sweat.  No use to shower when I was just going to the beach and getting sandy, and sweaty again!

The beach was a bit chilly.. but was still able to get some sun.  It was fun to just sit and catch up on girlie things!
We all headed inside into two rooms at the Trump Plaza.
9 girls, less than 2 hours, 2 showers..had to get ready.  It was a mess of girlyness, with hair dryers, trying on different outfits, makeup, curling/straightening, ... Plus drinks of course. :)

I had made cupcakes for the bachelorette's birthday and for the bachelorette party in a combo.. so we sang happy birthday too her before heading out to dinner.

On the way to dinner we met a wonderful cabbie who told us all about his kids, his wife, and he gave us his number and he picked us up for the rest of the night!

Dinner was WONDERFUL...!  It was a cute little Mediterranean/Italian place which was perfect because half of the girls were vegetarians and one is a vegan!  I got salmon and split it with a bridesmaid who had gotten sea bass!!  As well as champagne and wine.. it was YUMMMMMY!!!!

Next stop-  SAVAGE MEN!  A Male revue.  Lots of other bachelorettes there too, of course.  What other way would you want to celebrate getting married?!
We all had some high hopes... ended up waiting 30 minutes for the show to start....
They would bring up two girls to the stage at a time, and a guy would come out and practically rape them.  Some of the guys spun the girls around, humped them, picked them up --flashing the girls goodies to all the other girls.. we had come to see guys be objectified and here we saw more girls being objectified at a male revue.  NONE of the guys were attractive.. I mean I wasn't planning on picking anyone up and bringing them home... but still!!

Next stop: A club!  Lots of dancing, guys dancing up on us.. We were all just pulling crazy dance moves just trying to be funny and have fun.. No one was looking to dancing with guys.. It was just a fun girl dance party!

We ended up getting in around 2 or so and hung out and drank/snacked/talked for a bit before all passing out!!!

I left earlyish because the bridal party was all going to brunch.

I relaxed for bit before forcing myself to get to the gym for a not so hard core work out - just tooo exhausted.  Still had to grocery shop before ending the day..

Probably going to go to bed pretty directly!  What a looong day!!

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