Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Morning Struggles..

I struggled to get up this morning.
I did it, but I was not happy!

I trudged my butt to the gym.  I had a 20-20-20 class waiting for me.  Its 20 minutes of boot camp, 20 minutes strength training, 20 minutes yoga.  I got there a little before so I did a fast and speedy 2 miles on the treadmill, leaving me sweaty and ready for the class..

The class was horrible.. I mean horribly wonderful. 
It was a good start to the week.  I left feeling a little nauseous after the lack of sleep from the past two nights and lots of food.

I decided to stay a little and go on the stairclimber for 20 minutes before heading home, and getting ready for work.

I made myself a berry and spinach smoothie, YUMMY.  Also grabbed a handful of raw almonds after words because I was still hungry.

Off to work...
Just been sitting on the computer.. ugh, making phone calls, doing paper work.
Had some greek yogurt, a salad with goat cheese, tomotos, cucumber, avocado, and "fake" chicken.  Also had a grape fruit.  I had been craving grape fruit was yummy.

Still very tired. SO want to go to bed.. 2 more hours until I have to see my first client, probably will not be done till 7?  Its been a long day..

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