Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just not feeling it..

I had planned to wake up this morning to go to the gym early.
The alarm went off, and I just wasn't feeling it.
I mean no one really feels like working out at 5 am.
But usually I am able to talk myself into getting up either way.
Today.. Just was not my day.
So. I decided to ignore the button on my alarm and continued to sleep.
Jason's alarm went off about an hour ago..
And I tried to talk myself into going for a run..
It didn't work..
So I am going to take a rest day.. maybe a walk later today.. or maybe a work out with Jason tonight??
We will see..

Jason breakfast that I made him, eggs with cheese, turkey and spinach on a bagel thin with OJ and sliced oranges!

Almond butter and banana

TJ find.. anyone tried this before?

Ready for work.. light summery dress, perfect for 100 degree weather

max couldn't take the heat.

Neither could he...

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