Thursday, June 2, 2011

Starting off the day right.

Today is the first day of the week that it hasn't been unbearably hot when I woke up..
It was sunny and in the 70's.  I could NOT not go for a run outside.. So I did. 

One of my favorite places to run in Philly is on Kelly Drive near the art museum.  Its a favorite of most people actually and on really nice days in the afternoon or on weekdays it can be a little busy with bikers, runners, walkers, etc.  at some parts.  The art museum is there, the river, Boat House row.. BEAUTIFUL!

I usually do a loop which equals about 8.5 miles and sometimes I will do a little more if I am feeling up for it which will be about 13 miles, I almost always do the steps of the art museum a la Rocky!

Today I just did the loop and no stairs.  Ever since doing my last 1/2 my leg has been bothering me so today I stopped a couple times to walk a bit. But I finished with running.  Went to the gym to stretch out, do some weights.  Today has been pretty relaxed since I have a much later start to the day...So it was nice not to feel rushed!

Came home and ate an apple and made a wonderful smoothie bowl... I have grown to love these.  They keep me so full and I always try to sneak some spinach in.. which I love anyway in anything so its no problem! So YUUUMMMY!

I am prepping for a bit girls weekend, starting off with shopping tomorrow with a friend from grad. school for a bachelorette party outfit, and then going to Atlantic City Saturday for the night for the bachelorette party!  Filled with the beach, food, drinks, fun, and a male revue!!  Very excited!!  Definitely need some hard core girl time!

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