Monday, June 13, 2011

Issues with Friends

Its Monday again.
How does the weekend go by so quickly?
I think it really should be a 5 day weekend and 3 day work week.
But I should not complain.  I don't have any clients on Thursday and Friday so can work from home!
Something to look forward to!

I woke up early to hit the gym and go to my 20-20-20 class. (20 minutes boot camp, 20 minutes strength training, 20 minutes yoga)
I went early to get some extra cardio in.

I had a banana with PB before I went, and my stomach was feeling a little heavy during the run on the treadmill so I didn't push myself to go too fast just wanted to get in a decent amount of time.
After 35 minute run, I headed to the class to stretch out a bit and wipe off some of the sweat so I didn't look too crazy..!!
It was ROOUGH!!  I felt myself slipping and sliding all over.. especially during the army crawl (these kids make it look easy!!.. )  My legs were KILLING after a ton of lunges with lateral raises and bicep curls!

A quick shower & off to work.
Though I wanted a smoothie. My stomach just wasn't feeling it so I grabbed a Clif Bar and banana.

Problems with Friends
I usually don't have any issues with friends.  Overall my friends are pretty drama free (for the most part)
One of my college friends, Donna, is getting married this weekend!  I am pretty excited.  Should be fun and I know of lots of the people going.  The wedding is about 15 minutes away..
Although I did not want to get a hotel because it is so close, I decided it would be fun to split with my friend Sarah, her boyfriend and my friend Chrissy, because we wouldn't have to drive and we could hang out by the pool all the next day.
But after thinking about it, it really didn't make sense financially, it would be $60 for both of us, when we could just drive home.  Jay and I both aren't in the financial state to spend money when we can just drive home.  Especially since we aren't big drinkers anymore..
I let Sarah know a couple weeks ago, and now my aunt Leslie is coming up early on Sunday. Since my dad is in Kazakhstan, my mom is in the Netherlands, and my sister is in Oregon, my two aunts are the only family members some what close to me.  I have to and want to see my aunt!
Sarah began to text me back today about how I should just do it etc and gave me a lot of attitude.  Although I would have been willing to change my mind, she said I should just give them money and did not seem to have any willingness to compromise or any empathy at all.  This only made me frustrated and angry...Its a crappy situation.  I hate being one to bail out on someone when I know its a lot of money they would have to pay..But I am not going to bail out on family.
I called my friend Liza and vented to her.  She understood.  Sarah is someone that is really strong willed and when she knows that there is a touchy situation, she will continue to poke at that issue.

I felt a lot better after venting.  Its not a big deal and I know she will continue to be angry but I shouldn't dwell on it!  I am just going to enjoy the wedding and have fun..

I went to the gym yesterday before meeting up with some college friends, Bridget and Annamae, for dinner and a movie. (no pictures)
Dinner was OK.  I had a shrimp salad with corn, beans, tomato's, and balsamic vinaigrette.  Along with a pitcher of "so-so" white sangria that was split between the three of us.
It was great to see them both, because Bridget recently got engaged.  I haven't seen her since the engagement, and got to see her GORGEOUS ring and hear all about the proposal and plans.

Bridesmaids was hilarious.. but I think I was expecting a lot more!  I wanted to gag at some points, especially the food poisoning!  UGH!  I am not good with vomit at all!
some days I feel like doing this...

Probably going to just hang out for the rest of the night!..


  1. I love your philosophy for the weekend/work week and that 20/20/20 class sounds great!

  2. thanks! its a least the first 40 minutes os. the last 20 is heavenly!