Monday, June 27, 2011


Let me finish off my last post..

My work out this am was a little more 4 miles in 32 minutes (finishing off strong with a minute sprint at 9.0)
Then 20-20-20 class! Which was KILLLLER!  We did a sprint across the gym two times, which I love because it bring out my competitive edge.. the last person had to do pushups, and I totallly kicked everyone else's ass.  Hahaha..
I also did 30 minutes on the stairclimber before finishing off with some additional stretches.

I tried something different for breakfast. A coffee smoothie.  We are running a bit low on frozen fruit..and I am trying to save a bit of money.. So I just used what I had.. Coffee, Ice, and Vanilla Protein Powder

yes, a Tupperware bowl.. don't judge!
Did some work before heading off to meet with a couple clients..

I decided against the spin class and instead did P90X Chest, Shoulders &Triceps. I have a bunch of stuff to do tonight and wanted to get it done..
I haven't done P90X in forever and remember when I did in last spring I was in AAAAmmmAAzing shape!!  It was tough!  I was sweating after the first set of push ups!!
half way through.. dripping!
Also did Ab Ripper X for a little extra!

Soo... Jay and I live in a kind of up and coming area.
the woman who lives next door to us is older and has lived here for 30 years.
We have not exactly gotten along too well and have gotten into a couple arguments about stupid things.  For example, she yelled at us for putting our garbage on her side of the side walk, past the line that seperates our property from her's.  She also yelled at us for not cleaning up garbage on Christmas Eve, as we were leaving to go to our family, as well as yelling at us for the roof repair man messing up her roof when he fixed ours.  We rent so our landlord is responsible for repairs and we do not even get involved in repairs.  As you can see, it is silly stuff and has resulted in a bad relationship between us.  We have tried to be nice and say hello yet she ignores us. 
Lately she has been a bit nicer.  She asked me to help her with a gate that was stuck in our backyard (which is connected).  Today she told me that I was beautiful, had beautiful legs, and told me she was bored because she doesn't have much to do and doesn't drive!
I headed out to go to the store and asked her if she needed anything, and she invited me in, and told me she was sorry for ever yelling at us, but she was this old lady that got angry sometimes and she did not know why.  I felt so bad.  I told her I understand and it happens to everyone, so she should not feel bad. 

I am so glad that is resolved and hope that we can have a good relationship in the future.  I hate having poor relationships with those around me.. especially if that means that things will suffer when you want to do things..

I think forgiveness is essential in life and it is not worth worrying over petty things in order for you to be happy.  Worrying causes you stress, causes you to loose sleep, affects your sleep, your looks, your weight, and your relationships.  IT IS NOT WORTH IT! (channeling Hungry Runner Girl's color changing type)!


Have you ever done P90X?  What do you think!?
I did it last spring, and was in the best shape ever. I was also running a ton and had sooo much endurance!! Kind of want to do it again!  Or atleast partially!

Have you ever gotten into an argument with a neighbor?  Or someone close that was over something silly?  

How does stress/worry affect you?
I really loose sleep when I am stressed.  I have trouble sleeping as it is anyway so it is not good!


  1. I have tried some Insanity videos recently, but I am considering starting p90x...just don't know if I want to take a break from running.
    Craig and I are at war with our neighbors. They smoke and all the smoke comes up through our apartment. They hate our puppy and they have even screamed at me for parking to close to the white line.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I have never done insanity but have heard good things! I don't have a ton of space in my house so its kind of tough even to do P90X. I really do like it.. I am trying to incoorperate it with running cause running is my energy release. I generally just do the strength portion of it!
    Ugh I hate problems with neighbors but.. Its silly stuff and its only temporary