Saturday, June 25, 2011

Busy bee, sleepless nights.

Lately I have been busy..
moving from one thing to the next without a moment to stop and think.
I actually have been sleeping really well until last night..possibly due to alcohol??

I woke up early for the gym.
It looked a little threatening of thunderstorms and I didn't want to get stuck out in the rain/thunder/lightening...
My legs were tired from the spin class and sprints the previous day.. Something I did not notice until I was actually running.  I did a lot of switches from the treadmill to stair climber, and did a bit on the elliptical as well!
Strength training was made up of lunges with high knees, triceps  (overhead, on the bench, &  tricep kickbacks) along with mass of others things..
yummy breakfast, egg/egg whites, salsa, spinach, tomato's = happiness!

I had a couple of meetings that day.. and stuck in traffic - coming home completly exhausted.

Jason was home- but left to hang out with his little brother, and did not come home until later.
We headed out for some drinks and apps at a local place with outdoor seating.
I had been craving margarita's for a while and induldged in a pomegrante margarita.  We split some edamame, a mushroom flat bread, and Jason got some wings.

 Friday, I spent the morning doing work on the couch while Jason sent out some applications and emails.  I actually was on the phone most of the day with clients.. not what I had originally planned!!
We headed off to my office together so I could drop of some paperwork..
Got some lunch at Wegman's..
A serious salad plate-- My salad cost me $13 dollars.. the number 1 reason why I bring my own food during the work day!! ..I piled on beets, chickpeas, tomato's, cucumber, an egg, roasted asparagus, roasted carrots, as well as a black bean burger, and some cheese artichoke thing Jason wanted me to put in.  He got chinese..
We walked around a bit..venturing into Best Buy and Eastern Mountain Sports..where we drooled a little bit over the kayak's/canoes.. Would love to be able to do something like that this summer. Just cannot afford our own boat!
Before heading back home - we headed back to Wegman's and grabbed some craft beer.  They have an amazing selection of craft beers, local beer, & international beer.  I always tell Jason about it!  He was pretty impressed!

Driving home was tiring.  Jason got to experience what I go through when I get stuck in traffic!
Although I was tired and unmotivated..
I MADE myself go to the gym..
It was a quick work out since we had plans that evening.
All I did was run almost 7.5 miles and that was it. I tried to do some fast 1/4 miles by speeding up from 7.3 to 8.0 every other lap.  I finished off with a 9.0 sprint for the last minute..before heading home for a quick shower..
My college roommate was having a little get together for her birthday-- composed of chocolate covered pretzel shots...

1/3 part Pinicple Whip Vodka (Its whipped cream vodka)
2/3 part Franggelico
lick back of hand and salt hand.
Lick Salt and do shot....

..card games, some beer pong, snacks of veggies, hummus, chips, salsa, and guac.  I felt like I was back in college..and actually came home and passed out on the couch, waking up there at 5 am.  Usually that is something Jason does, not me.  After waking up and attempting to go back to sleep, unsuccessful, I am now watching girlie movies, and will probably try to sleep soon.  This is not going to be one of those early workout Saturday's as much as I wish it was!

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