Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fun Time!

Ahh I love Fridays!  Its the best feeling in the world!!

Today I woke up and attempted to skype my Dad in Kazakhstan.  The connection was a bit iffy so we didn't really get to talk..So going to try again tomorrow!
Off to the gym.  Did intervals..for about 50+ min.(24 min of 7.0 for 2 min, 8 for a min, which I did again for another 18 min) (12 min of 7.1 for 2 min, 8.5 for a min, and 9.0 for the last min) , also 20 min on the stair climber, and some weights.  At the end, as always did a FAST min at 8.5, with 9.0 for the last min.

A yummy strawberry smoothie.. made from fresh strawberries! :)  It was quite yummy, though the frozen strawberries made my smoothies so much coooler and icy!

Off to work, well sort of. 
Stopped by the office, got some papers, chatted it up with some people in the office.
Off to Wegmans, and got Jay some beer that I had been promising him forever....THEN off to meet with my client.

Afterwords, I met up with a grad school friend at Wegmans where we grabbed some YUMMY food at the food bar.. I got a black bean burger, some asparagus, veggies, mushroom, little quiche.  I was starving and shoveled the food down!  My tummy hurt a little when I was done...

We went off to the outlets.. on a mission to get a dress for the bachelorette party..and maybe some more things?!
I will have to take some pictures but I found a dress I LOVVVE at Banana Republic for $36!!! Such a steal!  Also found some cute shorts!

Came home to finish the cupcakes that I made for the bachelorette /bday party.. Packed up a bit for tomorrow so I can go to my favorite cardio boxing class in the morning before I head down to AC! SO EXCITING!!!

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