Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mismatched Schedules

Waking up this morning was a lot easier today, compared to yesterday..

Feeling a lot more rested from the weekend party.. :)

Off to the Gym..
I decided to take it easier on running today.. well sort of.  Instead of a fast run, I did 6 miles at about 8:30 pace will 2.0-2.5 incline (about 50 minutes).  I was still super sweaty at the end.  I hopped on the stair climber for about 20 min, level 15, but felt like I was struggling through it.. I was dripping sweat!!  I never really care if I am the gross and sweaty girl at the gym.  Atleast I am getting a good work out, instead of trying to look pretty.

Just a tangent off of that.. one of my BIIIIIGGEST pet peeves at the gym is girls who have the hair down while running, with a full face of make up, and girls who aren't wearing sports bras, and have their boobs hanging out.  I would much rather look gross and sweaty than impress anyone at the gym.  Hope I don't offend any one :)

Anyway...I did Gina's Day One of the Summer Shape Up!  (Congrats to Gina by the way..For her Amazing news on her new addition!) Then finished up with about a 7 minute mile before heading home..

A new smoothie today!  Frozen Pineapple, Fresh PEACHES (yum!), Spinach, Ice, Vanilla Protein Powder, and Banana.  I also added water, a little too much making my smoothie a little more watery than I wanted...but still yummy.

Off to work..

In between Clients I had a banana and a Starbucks Ice Lemonade Green Tea.. Not bad.  I was just really looking for some extra energy..and maybe should have just gotten iced coffee.

Trying to Keep it Together

Jason and I haven't been able to spend a lot of time together which has put a bit of a damper on our relationship.  Its pretty hard because our schedules are so different.  He works in the evening (which is not so bad because we usually get home at the same time, and have dinner and relax together for the night), and 2 days a week he works from 3 pm until 11.. not getting home till almost midnight.  Also he occasionally works at 4 am or 5:30 am.

I always find it hard when he works on Sunday and Monday nights, though I usually get home late on Mondays.. I would rather enjoy dinner with someone than by myself.  It makes it even harder when one of us is gone one day during the weekend like this past weekend...
On Friday, he worked at 4 am and worked 2 shifts..And then again on Saturday.
I was off Saturday until Sunday and by the time I came home on Sunday, he was back to work until late.
Then yesterday I got up early for the gym and only saw him for about 30 minutes before heading off to work...
Again he was gone to work until 12 last night..
And I only saw him for about 15 minutes at the gym as he was starting his work out and I was leaving..
Finally tonight, we got to enjoy some homemade pizza together, but he has to get up early again for work tomorrow.
Usually he has off on Thursdays and Fridays, but he has some additional training this week, and then is heading out of town for a friend's birthday on Friday....
Soooooo.. the next time we can really spend some hard core time together is Saturday, AFTER he gets back.. I am hoping he will not be too hung over so that we can actually hang out!
Any advice?
When this initially started I began to make Saturday our night where I would experiment with a new recipe and make him a special dinner, but lately its been a struggle!..

Off to snuggle with him while reading...at least its a little quality time together.

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