Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rewind back to college...

I seriously felt horrible, tired, and lazy today..
After our wonderful breakfast Jason and I seriously lay on the couch and did not move.

He went off to get a shower and get ready for work, and surprised me by making a yummy smoothie for me and him!  It was pretty good with orange, raspberries, banana, and protein powder.  (Though not as good as mine!.. Needed to be a little thicker :) )

He left and I continued to lay on the couch..
I began watching Sex and The City 2,... again. And fell asleep.
This is seriously what I did in college when I was hung over..

I woke up..unmotivated and tired.
I had to make it to the gym.
I actually pretty much dragged myself there. Although it was perfect weather for a run.. There was NO way that I would make it.. probably be the person throwing up on the side of the street, and every one else looking at me like I am a pathetic mess (I was, but I don't want everyone else to see that!)

I started out with 5 minutes on a malfunctioning stairclimber.. obviously it did not last long!
I hate when machines don't work the way they are supposed to...
Although I was not completely up for running I gave it a short.
Definitely struggled..
I ended up doing 3.63 miles.
Back to stairclimber-- A working one... for 20 minutes
Decided to stretch it out before weights..
which was made up of..
  • chest press
  • elevated push ups
  • back
  • biceps
  • squats
  • lunges
Most of the time I don't really have a plan at the gym.. I just kind of go with whatever..
I probably should have more of a plan.. I just felt like today was going to be disastrous anyway.
I was moving slow/yawning.. feeling like I should just go home!
I decided to stretch a bit ... some more..
I got a little inspiration to run some more.. I always like ending my workouts with a little sweatiness!
Another run for 3.15 miles.. (I hate ending at weird this entire run ended up being 6.75 miles.. why didn't I just run another 1/4 of a mile and make it evenly numbered?!?)

Before heading home I decided to stop to clean my car in preparation for beach trip with my step sisters.  I have not really vacuumed my car once since I got in back in December!  I even found somethings I had been missing like a headband that was in my field hockey bag in the trunk, & jumper cables! ..and those came in handy when my car died because my battery is a little testy with me.
I don't like asking people to help me jump my car.. especially at a gas station where the crowd was a little iffy.  Jason was on his way home from work and stopped by to help. :) What a keeper!

After showering..we had planned to head into Olde City - a fun area of the city, where there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and historical sections, I mean we are in Philadelphia aka tons of history=tons of tourists in the summer-
There was a kick of for summer this weekend including a Taste of Philadelphia.. but traffic was horendous.  So many people were around in the city.. Philadelphia Tri was also this weekend, as well as a ton of concerts..
There was no parking ANYWHERE... we did not want to pay for parking especially since we were only going to stay for an hour or so, and $15 dollars is unjustifiable for that!!

We just grabbed some sandwiches and came home to watch a movie.. only lasting about an hr and 1/2 before crashing and going to bed.. Friday definitely did us in.. we are so old!!

Today is the beach!  Just a day trip, which was not the original plan but one of my step sisters couldn't get off of work one day.. so a day is better than nothing.  Thats the great thing about living so close to the shore. It is only about an hour drive!

What do you do when you are hung over..lay around all day or try to get moving somehow?
-for me it definitely depends on the kind of hangover..but I try to get moving as much as possible!

Do you go out and drink like you are in college ever?
-I am not a big drinker anymore.. a glass of wine once in a while, but I also have trouble digesting it.  I used to get patches of red all over and a doctor told me that I was probably missing the enzyme to digest alcohol, resulting in the redness which is called the Asian Flush (I am not Asian!)  Alcohol really affects me but I still will go out once in a while to drink with friend.  I am an old head.. and can't handle it like I used to...

Any recommendations that you can give me to make my blog better!?

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