Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am back into it.. partially.

Instead of heading off to the gym or a run this am, I decided to do P90X Back and Biceps.

It was a perfect start to a day, other than a run...
I definitely felt the burn, and remembered why Tony was so annoying but I don't care.
He makes me sweat and I generally don't sweat when I do strength training.  I love when others push me, like in classes because I don't push myself until I burn when I am on my own!  Definitely helps me a lot (I have noticed that I say definitely a lot!)

I do like P90X and even like some of the cardio, but generally just do the strength training aspect of P90X.  I have to say the X Stretch is $$$$!  I did it at one point when i was training for my marathon after a long run, and I felt wonderful the next day!!! If you have P90X.. DO IT!!  It is AWESOME!

Made a banana/coconut smoothie this morning , very simple, just banana, coconut, flax seeds, ice, & water.  Also had an apple and a handful of nuts.

Heading off to a meeting in a bit, and to meet with a client.
Then off for a run!


  1. oh my gosh, I have tried P90X and it kicked my butt! I just am not coordinated enough for that kind of thing. I wish I could get into some more cross training, but I always just choose to run instead!

  2. Yes i know!! SO sore today!! Love it. have not been sore like this for a while!